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E-mail integration issues, Multiple emails attached to Leads, e-mail privacy options, choosing what e-mails to attach to leads and contacts

we have recently started using Bitrix and it helps us a lot, but we have some questions about e-mails within CRM.

We don't send e-mails through Bitrix, but use Outlook and hosted Exchange. We understand e-mail integration options and I successfully setup e-mail for myself and couple of my colleagues. However, there are some things that seems not functioning well, or we just don't understand how some things works.

Can you please help us with the following:
  1. Bitrix successfully track and attach e-mails related to leads, but sometimes the same e-mail appears multiple times on the Stream, Activity and History tabs. This is obviously unwanted. Why is this happening and how to avoid this?
  2. Even when duplicate e-mail is deleted from one of the tabs, it will still appear on the others - meaning we have to delete it on all of them.
  3. I am admin and my colleague Chief executive. I create a lead and my colleague sends an e-mail, but her e-mail is not caught and attached to this lead. Is it possible to track e-mail correspondence with a lead even though sender (or recipient) is not creator of the lead?
  4. Although it is great to automatically catch e-mails and add it to activity with the lead, it might not be a case with contacts. I haven't tried this yet (sorry about that), so I would like to know if the correspondence with the contacts behave the same way? If so, is there any way of controlling what will and what won't be attached to the contact? We would like to add some e-mails, but some of them should remain private.
  5. What are the general means of keeping privacy? For example, if an user has turned on Create lead for unknown sender option, every mail (s)he receives from the person not in the CRM will end up in the Leads list. We understand that we can set permissions and keep leads private at some level, but an administrator can see them all, and thusly see some private e-mails as well.
  6. On the other hand, small company such as ours, would like to keep all actual leads and contacts "open" to all. The solution would be to let each user choose what e-mail (s)he wants to add to a lead or a contact. Is this possible?
Thank you!
Edited: Saša Dumić - 02/10/2017 15:16:23
Hi Sasa!

Please contact our Helpdesk  - our support team will be happy to assist. Thank you!


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