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Company & Contact address fields missing?, Address fields show on New Lead, but not on New Company or New Contact
I may have messed something up, but at the moment, when adding a new Contact or a new Company record, I cannot see any of the Address fields on screen. Adding a new Lead record still has them as expected, but nothing shows on either New Company or New Contact screens. I'm sure they were there originally, but now I don't see them at all. I have tried resetting the forms, reloaded and activated the sample US templates, checked for hidden fields, but still nothing.

My New Leads screen has these fields:

Which are the fields I want to see on my Contacts and Company screens as well, but don't:

I'd also like to have these Address fields visible on viewing the Contact or Company screen, which it doesn't at the moment either?

Am I missing something or have I messed something up?
I knew I wasn't imagining it... Have just checked on Free site we used to test B24 late last year, and the Add New Contact screen there definitely shows the Address Fields as expected:

That's what I want, only on my live site please!!
Hi Greg!

You can use reset settings option available inside lead/contact/company page.


I have exactly this problem too and I cannot find reset settings option available inside lead/contact/company page.  
Hi Sue!


I am missing address field for company/contact.  I have 'reset' as suggested above, but don't see any results.  On the 'leads' page when I add one, I can see a group of address fields in the 'contact information' section.  When adding a contact, there is a 'contact details' section with a 'add person' or 'add company' section.  If I add person, then I see another first name/last name with another option to 'add address'.  This doesn't seem right to me or solves a different purpose.  How to I get the similar address fields shown on the 'leads' page to also be on contact/company screens?
Hi Sean,

Because the built-in address fields don't work very well in Bitrix24, I'd recommend building your own custom fields (for street, city etc.).

It's like a breath of fresh air: better display, can just put city into the blue panel, no page freezing, easier sorting etc.

One problem I still haven't yet got around is the inability to have multiple address, which would be particularly useful for those who work for multiple companies (more than you think) and for companies with more than one location (quite usual).


Yana, Reset setting did not help. I am also missing address fields from Company and Contacts on Bitrix24.CRM version with VMware VM.

But, if I access to the companies with Bitrix app on iPad or iPhone I have and can edit address fields (address, city, region, post code, country... everythig). This is a kind of bug?!? Address if quite important for CRM, isn't it?

Hey all,
I too have the same problem.  
Can't seem to add address details to already created Contacts or Companies ?

I've 'reset settings' and don't need to edit address templates as I'm trying to add address to
existing contacts/companies.  

Fyi, I defo imported 'address details' into contacts using csv
so am also curious to know where these details went?
I'm using the free cloud version of B24.
Soti Coker,
Same problem for me. No address fields on Company or Contacts which means the Invoice and Quotes won't populate with the required information.
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