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How to add Industry Selection List to Contact Data
When adding a company, one of the field options is a pre-populated list called Industry. This list is adjustable in the CRM>Settings>Statuses and Dropdowns page.
Is there a way to have this list appear in the Contacts form too?
Because I have a lot of contacts who are freelancers working in a specific industry branche, but aren't registered as a company.
Ah, found it.

CRM>Settings>Form and Report Settings>Add Field
Choose the Form you wanna add Industry-selection to, in my case Contact:Add Field
Type -> Bind to CRM Selection List -> Industry

And there you go.
Wow, even better.
When you add it to the Lead-form, within the Contact info section, and when you have a lead and you want to turn this lead into a contact, Bitrix automatically detects that contacts doesn't have a Industry-field yet and proposes to autocreate it. Just click yes...
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