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CRM hangs, Adding big data causes B24 to hang
I added a few 100 custom fields in order to capture customer data and internal memo's.
At a point I can no longer add text to the custom fields in the Deal. If I edit the Deal and add more txt to the txt boxes the system hangs and bombs out.
Is there a limit to the amount of data a Deal can accept?
I am on the paid, cloud version.

Thank you
I just had a response from the support team that only 10 "String" Custom field are supported.

How is this possible? We purchased Bitrix24 as it was supposed to be big enough to support our needs.
I dont think adding a few text fields should be a limitation to a CRM.
The information added in these text fields are also not massive chunks of data. It is merely summaries of processes and tasks which we use to evaluate our customers.

Does anyone else have this problem with adding custom fields and text data?
I, too, have added c.100 custom fields.

I have way more that 10 "string" fields but most are not presently used, mainly because updating gets very slow (c.1 minute / entry).  Because it's so slow, this part has irritatingly had to wait.

I was beginning to think that the problem might be to do with the number of fields.

I also get a similar problem entering the address (which needs a lot of re-configuring, not only to add a multiple address feature), which has been discussed elsewhere, although I have seen no movement towards resolving this problem.

Also, the act of "showing" a field wipes out any text I've input.  I'm pretty sure I didn't have this problem with a smaller number of fields.

This is particularly annoying when adding a new contact/company where showing a new field comes at the end of the data input, causing you to have to re-enter everything.  Thanks.

The "workaround" is to save data before "showing" a field.
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