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CRM Multi Companies, CRM MUST be enhanced to support Multi Companies
Hi All,

Bitrix should be the best application on the world, it is my favorite application.

In Many Case that I have faced , that implementation on-cloud solution with a corporate multi companies , we cannot use the CRM.
We are using Bitrix as a corporate portal only, and this underestimate the value of this amazing application.

Important points :

  • We are a group of companies under one umbrella. We have centralized HR,Supply Chain, Finance and Marketing.
  • Each Company has different industry and activities OR we can say different business Lines that we can classify to ( Trading, Manufacturing , Production, Projects )
  • So the concept of CRM is different from Each line , and the Entry point of each line is different especially for Projects.
  • In Projects for example ; the Project has different process from tender stage till winning the project.
As a centralized Business Development Department, i have to monitor the sales of all Companies with each divisions.
If I customize the current CRM to work with trading companies, this customization will be reflected to all users. So the projects companies cannot use it.

Also :

In projects : when you create a work-group and make it as a project, we can monitor only activities and tasks with timeline , BUT the most important part of the project is BUDGET
we cannot add budget and we cannot monitor the project budget. If we Add a custom field to be a budget , it will not be reflected with each activity within the timeline.

Kindly take all these points in consideration to take your System to the next Level.

Best Regards,
Edited: Ashraf Elsab - 04/11/2017 14:26:07
Hi Ashraf,

Thank you for the detailed feedback. We have been thinking about projects & budget option, but it is not scheduled yet. As for the CRM - thank you for scenario. We have multiple departments in on premise enterprise version with independent departments but common CRM. We'll consider your scenario for further updates.


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