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Problem adding Office365 Outlook email, Authentication error

has anyone here managed to connect to your Office365 outlook email? I encountered the following error:

"Authentication error. Please verify that login and password are correct.
Notice that if you are using app passwords and two-step authentication is enabled, you have to use a special integration password. (NO AUTHENTICATE failed.)"

My Office365 is the Basic Kiosk version and does not include multi-factor authentication. So I do not believe this is the problem.

In addition, I tried to test with a gmail account. Initially I had the same problem until I amended the settings to allow apps, set up 2-factor authentication and generate apps password. Then it works.

So is it mandatory to setup multi-factor authentication for me Office365 Outlook as well for it to work?

Hi Alvin!

You can check if your email credential work vis IMAP.


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