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Responsible person when importing records and how to mass assign, import, companies

So we've uploaded some test records. They all seem to be assigned to me. I would like to assign them to different users, but I'm not seeing an option to mass assign records to employees.

This also can be a deal breaker in addition to not seeing a solution to actually updating company records in

We are looking to upload +3000 companies. I can't have the individual users uploading their own set of records. We need an administrator to upload and update companies. But if I had to go into each record and manually assign it to each user, that would be very not efficient.
Unfortunately, there is no tool for mass assigning companies to a responsible user.

I've add your request to the development department. We'll add this functionality.
Hi Ann,

Is there any update for this issue? I had the same Issue and need the mass assigning account feature. This really helps for big company that will use, hope Bitrix24 can provide us with the solution.

Thank you.
Hi Jonathan,

I can only say that mass responsible assigning in companies section will be added soon.

Thanks for the suggestions.


I also have this problem.  We are just beginning to use Bitrix24 and have over 10,000 company records to upload initially.

I see that when uploading a CSV file, you can set one of the fields as 'Responsible Person'.  As long as the field value matches an employee name, that person will get assigned.

Our problem now though is some companies do not actually have an employee yet that we can make responsible. (Some of the data has previous responsible employees which will not be using Bitrix, and hence are not available to assign within Bitrix.)

I tried to fill in this field with words like 'none', '[unassigned]', 'unassigned' and leaving the field blank. This only results in me becoming the responsible person.

The only solution I can find is to create a dummy employee and assign companies to that user. We will then know that any company with 'Joe Bloggs' assigned to them actually means that nobody has been assigned yet.
This method though might have some conflicts with access permissions and employees may not get to see these companies.

Is there any other more appropriate solution currently available for this?? i.e. upload companies with no responsible person assigned.

FYI: I also notice that you can multi sel ect up to 20 companies and assign a responsible person fr om within bitrix.  This may be of some use to the above people.
Edited: Patrick Keane - 09/01/2014 19:59:25
Hi Patrick,

First of all - the feature of group editing companies in Bitrix24 - has been already added, thanks for bringing this topic up :-)

As for the responsible person field - currently it cannot be left as "unassigned", even if you'll add new company - your name is automatically set in this field. I guess your work around can be quite helpful.

The reason why this option is not available is that in Bitrix24 logic when a new company appears in your sales team's sight at first - this is not yet a company, but a lead, that can be further converted to the company.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

I actually have a follow up question... Our test employee 'Joe Bloggs' was created last week, and the activation link was clicked in his email.
Now when we try to log in on that account, the authentication details are not correct, and a password reset email address is not recognised.

It *may* be possible that another admin has changed the users email address since being activated.  I'm not sure really.

So, we can't log in on this account.  Generally, we shouldn't have to because of the reasons in my last message, but I wanted to be able to check some stuff (because we are new at Bitrix).
Do you have any idea what's going on? I don't necessarily want to delete the user because Joe Bloggs is responsible for a lot of companies in the CRM.
Hi Patrick,

First of all Bitrix24 employees cannot be deleted, but only dismissed - which means all data assosiated with the employee stays (you can check that under Company>Employees - please look if the employee is still among the active users (which means the user hasn't been dismissed yet) or is in inactive users column (has been dismissed).

Please advise if the employee is still active & apply an error screenshot (or text which error you get) when try to log in under him . Thanks.


User is active and not dismissed.  The email uses a different domain from our company domain.  I have also confirmed that I am attempting to login from our Bitrix24 portal ( )

Here are some screenshots.

Edited: Patrick Keane - 09/10/2014 13:38:45 (replaced image and improved text)
Ok, please report this to our Help desk with reference to this forum discussion & apply this screenshot. (BTW as I understood from your previous message - this user has confirmed the invitation & you've created a password for him, right? It looks like, just to confirm)

Yes the user clicked the link.  There is no option in Bitrix24 to resend the invitation so I assume I am correct in saying this.

Reported to helpdesk :)

Edited: Patrick Keane - 09/10/2014 16:44:17
Hi There, i am having a issue with "responsible user assigned"  I am using the forms app to auto fill leads into bitrix.  The leads automatically assign to me and I want them to be assigned to someone else.  i just cant find anything on how to do this.

any advice here?
Hi Naomi,

I guess you talking about from constructor app developed by our partner, please contact him at  with this request. Thank you.


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