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History for custom fields, History for custom fields
Only standar fields are showing  history when we make change on it. in lead , deal etc
But custom field are now showing history when we make change on it,
Hi Nitin,

"Bitrix24 Advanced CRM shows the history of changes - i.e. who accessed  or changed CRM entry - and you will be able to restore previous values,  if necessary. Here is a list of actions shown under History:  

  • New fields added to CRM records form
  • CRM record’s field value change
  • CRM record status change
  • View
  • Export
  • Activities created (tasks, meetings, calls)
  • Activities status change
  • Products added

The History can help you to track sales managers activities or restore  some data, i.e. when user has accidentally deleted contact phone  number, etc. "

So with this information, the custom fields don't records the changes in history. Hope that Bitrix24 will upgrade this feature in short time or have place to config which custom fields need records history, soon.



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