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In the Kanban window / stage & status management
Hi, I'm new to Bitrix24. I am trying to set up our CRM in the free version. After testing it out a bit I have found that I quite do not understand how the stages and statuses work for leads and deals. I have customized the headers for the stages and the statuses but it seems Bitrix24 is somehow configured so that each night all the leads in the last stage and the deals in the last status disappear fr om the screen. A deleted deal can be found behind a contact or a company but wh ere do I see all of our won deals in one view? Also the lost ones. How do I manage the automation in the free version? Or should I just stick with how it is set up in the first place? Can I switch back to the original layout without loosing all my leads and deals? Is there a good tutorial or a YouTube video on this issue?
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