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Modify invoice template ?
Is it possible to modify invoice template.... the look of the invoice pdf, so we can modify it to fit our legal needs and companies invoice design ?

There is no such capability in the product.
But you can use module DocDesigner at the Marketplace.

Trying to get my way around working efficiently with invoicing has been a huge challenge. This are listed below:
  1. Modifying or editing the template via DocDesigner has not yielded any breakthrough. Texts to edit are NOT IN ENGLISH and inserting items such as my company logo has not been achievable. How can this be sorted?
  2. Some clients make part payment and capturing this on the previous invoice created to send as a payment receipt to client has also not been possible.
  3. Finally, the invoicing automatically rearranges items from least to great. This distorts some my invoices as i created a product for discount with a negative (-) value. I desire my invoice products arranged as selected.
Please assist.
Dear Adeolu Adekola,

Thank you for your feedback.

1. English language is activated. We are sorry that there is a problem with the "Select" button. But you can use the field, which is to the left of this button.

2. For the moment there is no solution for partial payments in DocDesigner, as it is not an accounting soft. But we are working on this issue and hope to find the appropriate solution.

3. Trying to solve this, we could not simulate the problem. Could you describe the issue in more detail or give us the example.
Thank you for the response. I can see the correction for the part not in English has been effected. This is a feedback as listed from previous mail:

1. Having followed the steps for as given in your reply for editing the invoice template, i filled the fields with relevant information but on saving or applying I got the message 'addItem: Access denied' . How can this be resolved as there were still no changes effected to modify invoice to suite my organisation. Please Note I also went to ‘settings’ in DocDesigner and have added myself as app user admin but still the same 'addItem: Access denied' on trying to save or apply changes to invoice template.

2. Please I await feedback when partial payment solution is available.

3. The screenshot 1 attached below shows the items in the sample invoice are arranged from the item with the greatest price (PMP Exam Prep Training fee: 155000) to the item with the least price (Discount offer -20000). However on the PDF format (see screenshot 2 attached below) the reverse is the case. That is its now arranged from least to greatest. However, when creating the invoice, the items were selected RANDOMLY without any order. What I therefore require is for the PDF format of the invoice not to have ANY AUTO SORT but appear as selected when creating.

Please kindly address and expedite action. Awaiting your response.

Thank you.


Dear Adeolu,

Thank you for your message. Please, find below our answers:
1. We can not simulate your problem. Could you give me your portal's name, I will refer with this problem to Bitrix24 developers.
2. OK. We will let you know.
3. You have created the invoice by means of standard functioning of Bitrix24, with the use of context menu in the list of Deals. This invoice template can not be changed.

We have created DocDesigner - a module, which expands abilities of Bitrix24 in the part of documents construction.

Using DocDesigner as an application to Bitrix24 you can customise any invoice template and make an invoice. It will be another document (different from the one made by sandard Bitrix24), in which the items will be arranged the same way as they exist in the Deal.

Best regards,

Thank you for taking time to explain. It is very appreciated. Following our discussion thread:

1.      Portal name is (Agile P3 Limited).

3.      From your reply, i can imply that even the issue number 1. above wont be resolved because the default invoice template CANNOT be edited. I have however tried to 'add template' in DocDesigner but after filling out the information required and creating rows and columns of cells, saving or applying resulted in a message 'addItem: Access denied'. If i cannot add a new template and edit the 1 presently available, how then can this issue of having information such as: my company logo, address, phone number and bank account details etc present on every invoice prepared?!
Also following the steps u supplied, see image below for Pdf invoice generated. This invoice still does not contain the desired information as listed above.

How can i editing this external invoice by DocDesigner?

Kindly assist
Dear Adeolu,
Please, try again add or modify the template. Erorr message was extended for more information. Post here new message with entity access rights.

Best regards,

I have tried adding. See circled portion in screenshot below for error generated:

Still unable to modify template to suite organisations need or add a new Pdf template in DocDesigner.

Dear Adeolu Adekola,

You are can't to manage the application because you aren't a root admin. Can you ask user with ID=1 to add you to App Admins?

Thank you for answering my questions thus far. However can you explain step by step how the root admin can add me to app admins?

This has actually been done at a time before and see screen shot to verify.

Really hope this can be sorted very very SOON!

Dear Adeolu Adekola,

The application is installed by one of admins. In your case it is a user with ID=1. He has full rights U1=X. All other users have "read only"-rights AU=R. Other admins, e.g. you with ID=2, do not have rights for the application. This is Bitrix24's specifics. When the user with ID=1 added you as an admin of application (as in your screenshot), he should assign you the rights to save U2=W.
What happens now when you save the template?
Do you receive the same message as previous with the title "entity.rights"? Is there U2=?? indicated?
Hi guys,

I have had similar issues when working with the Doc Designer and find it very user UN friendly.
Are there any detailed tutorials on how to use it? A youtube video would be really good for this.

My big issue at the moment is how to insert more than 250 characters in the user comments section of the invoice. I need to use this area to append specific instructions and comments to my customers. How can we go about doing this when there is such a small/limiting character limit?
Please also introduce partial payment soon too please. Integration with PayPal would also be very cool. You have a very good system going on here, great potential. There is a few basic things (I think) that need 'smoothing over' first before you have a polished product.

Right now I have to offer all my products as 'half payment' products so the invoices i send make sense.
Hi Ryan,

We have already received several suggestions for PayPal integration and partial payments invoices, and we have these features implementation in our development plans. As for 250-character limit for comments  - we are not sure it will be implemented soon, because we are actually working on Invoice customization concept development (add custom fields, attach files to invoices - in your case it can be payment instructions).

Kind regards,

Dear Ryan,
For our application DocDesigner we are planning to make a video format user-manual, which will contain step-by-step instructions. This user-guide will be available at: The main topics of our manual will be - creation and edit of templates and set of numerators.
Please, let us know which topic or part of DocDesigner is more problematic or interesting for you, and we will review the possibility to add it to our user-guide.

We have realised that there is a demand of DocDesigner users to find the solution for partial payments.
We have already started to investigate this issue. But we need to know better users' expectations.
What do you need to get in the result? Which functions should be realised in our soft?

I have faced a problem by creating Invoice with DocDesigner.
When creating standard Invoice, VAT is calculated correctly, but then im doing it with DocDesigner it doesnt count VAT or counts it incorrectly.

For example:

I add products (price 100+VAT(21%) to DEAL, but somehow in DocDesigner VAT is not separated.

What i am doing wrong? :/

I have faced a problem by creating Invoice with DocDesigner.
When creating standard Invoice, VAT is calculated correctly, but then im doing it with DocDesigner it doesnt count VAT or counts it incorrectly.

I add products (price 100+VAT(21%) to DEAL, but somehow in DocDesigner VAT is not separated.

What i am doing wrong? :/

PS. Sorry for Reply before. Unsuccessfuly tryed to add picture.
Hello, Ben Dobri

What is your tax settings?
My tax settings is "Item-dependant tax (VAT)".
When i choose "Locations-dependent tax (sales tax)", i cant find where to choose locations in "Deals".
When i chose "Locations-dependent tax(sales tax) and create invoice in DocDesigner i get this result:
Edited: Ben Dobri - 10/28/2013 13:30:13
Hello, Ben Dobri

I am sorry. It was the bug in DocDesigner. Now it fixed.
Now VAT is ok?
Hello, Alexey Andreev,

I still get the same problem :| Heres what invoices i get:

Location- dependent tax:

Item dependent tax:
I am sorry. I don't understand the problem. Can you give me more information?

700 * 21 / 121 = 121,49
484 * 21 / 121 = 84
"I dont get total sum with VAT.
Formula  {CRMProduct:TotalSumVAT} is like {CRMProduct:TotalVAT}. Meybe there is other formula for TotalSum+VAT?

Is it posible to make invoice like this?

Produktas100  - 400 (without VAT)
VAT (21%) - 84
Price with with VAT - 484

Because then i choose "Location- dependent tax: " TAX is included to price.
And then it is "Item dependent tax" it automatically adds VAT to price, but there should be price without VAT (in this case 400, but not 484)

A little bit confusing :)
Hello, Ben Dobri

I see.
There is no methods for getting tax rate by REST API. I hope it will be available in future.

What do you prefer?
1. Item dependent tax: I can add to DocDesigner your taxes as ID=value for temporary solution.
2. Location- dependent tax: I can add a checkbox for VATRate to set "include / not include" tax in price.
Hello, Alexey Andreev

I think second choice (location- dependent tax) is appropriate.
You can test it

Tax not included

Tax included

Parameters name
Thanks a lot Alexey Andreev :)
Hello :)

Unfortunatelly, the DocDesigner not supported "Location- dependent tax:". There is no API at tme moment. But we are still waiting for it :)
You can use custom parameter VATRate - this name reserved for calculating TAX.

You can manipulate include\not include TAX in price by checkbox "Include tax in price"
For example:

{CRMProduct:TotalVAT} - total TAX (may be VAT) for all rows of a deal
{CRMProduct:TotalSumVAT} - total Sum include TAX (VAT) for all rows of a deal

Are you still confusing? :)
Hi Alexey,

I have used the document designer to create an Invoice template but I am having an issue with it displaying the amount of VAT.  I would also like it to display the total without VAT added which I'm also struggling.

Below is a screen shot I would greatly appreciate your help.



Hi Andrew Duke,
There is not screen shot below.

Hi Alexi,

The PDF I uploaded didn't work so I have save it as a jpeg.

As you can see it shows the Product name and quantity correctly.  I would like to to show the unit Price without VAT rather than with.  I would also like it to display the total without VAT, the total amount of VAT and total including VAT.

Also I have tried to Insert a jpeg at the bottom of the Quote but am struggling to get this to position correctly please see below:


Hi Andy

Did you use parameter VATRate in template?

There are two options in context menu:
1. Price - without VAT
2. Price Inc. VAT - price including VAT
What option did you use in template?

JPEG: What do you mean about "to get this to position correctly"? I don't see any problems.

I have resolved the issues with the Tax etc.  Thanks for your help with this.

I have created a .jpeg as below that is 800*1120 I have managed to get it to display a few times but each time I create a new PDF I have to upload and save the image to the background each time.  It's not working at all now for some reason.

I'm also trying to use the Numerator for the invoice number but am not sure what value to paste.  I am currently using {Deal.ID} but this doesn't start from the correct number that I have set up in the Numerator.  Your help would be appreciated.


The ideal size for bg is A4(210mm*297mm) or 729px*1072px.

Numerator. You should do that step by step:
1. Create a new numerator.
2. Select this one in template.

3. Pus parameter {DocNumper} to template.

4. Save document. Only saved document has number. Print it.
Hi Alexey,

I have managed to resolve the issue with the footer with the resized background. Thanks

I am still having issues with the Numerator and also the Doc designer seems to be getting random dates that don't correspond to the Deal created in the CRM.

Please see screen shots below:

Here are the settings I have used for the Numerator

This is the deal information created in the CRM.  Please note the start date is for today.

This is the output from the Doc designer.  Please note the dates don't correspond to the Deal dates and the Numerator value is jpg0000 not 7907.

Thank you for your help with this matter.
Hi Alexy,

After further experimenting I have managed to get the numerator working for the Invoicing, however, using a numerator for the Quotes this is still not working correctly and starts at 0001 rather than the pre-defined 7910.

There is still also an issue with the Doc designer generating random dates for the quotes.


Hi, Andy

Date: It works another format dd/mm/yyyy. I'll think about this problem.
jpg0000: Did you see a star (*) in doc's header? It means that doc not saved yet and provide only future doc's number format.
Initial value: It works only for first doc. If there is at least one-saved document, numbering continues from it. The initial value ignores in this case.

Hi Alaexey,

I'm not sure that I understand what you mean.

I have resolved the issue with the jpg prefix.  This was filled in by mistakje in the organisation section under "Prefix"

The issue I am still having is with the Quote number.  I have set it to start from 7910 but for some strange reason ist has started from 0001 and is continuing from there.

I have set it the numerator up the same for the Invoice numbering which starts at 1788 and this is working correctly 1789,1790 etc.

Could you please look at this for me?


Hi Andy

You should delete all Quotes started from 0001 and later. When there is no one document, numeration should continue from initial value. As it works with Invoice.

Hi Alexey,

Thank you that has resolved that issue.

My final issue that I'm having is with the VAT totals.  When I have more than one product line it adds the total VAT for all the rows.  I have tried using {CRMProduct: VAT} but it just displays "{CRMProduct: VAT}" not the actual total VAT value for that specific row.


Hi Andy

I think it works fine. In your message I see space between ':' and 'V'. It's wrong.

Hi Alexey,

It doesn't I typed it in the email that's why it has a

I used the paste value option.


Ok, Andy

Let's check HTML-source of template. Open editor. Click HTML. You should find there definetly
No space, no tags, no punctuation, etc. Is there the same text?

Hi Alexey,

Here is the way it displays the VAT in the PDF

And here is the HTML cut and pasted from the editor:

<td style="width: 9%; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-right-width: 1px; border-right-style: solid;" align="center">{CRMProduct:Quantity}</td>
<td style="width: 13%; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-right-width: 1px; border-right-style: solid;" align="center">&pound;{CRMProduct:Price}</td>
<td style="width: 13%; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-right-width: 1px; border-right-style: solid;" align="center">&pound;{CRMProduct:Sum}</td>
<td style="width: 13%; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-right-width: 1px; border-right-style: solid;" align="center"><span>&pound;<span>{CRMProduct:VAT}&nbsp;</span></span></td>


Hi Andy

Remove <span> like this
<td style="width: 13%; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-right-width: 1px; border-right-style: solid;" align="center">£ {CRMProduct:VAT}</td>

Hi Alexey,

I have tried what you suggested but each time I delete <span> and save it it keeps adding it back.

Please see attached files.

Hi Alexey,

I'm also having an issue with the Address formatting.

I would like it to be laid out as below

Calareville House,
26-27 Oxenden Street,

This is how the address is written in the contact details and deal details however it is displayed as shown in the attached doc.

Thanks Andy.  
Hi Andy,

Can you save tmp's text as txt-file an send it to support{at}
Is there adress's problem in the same tmp?

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