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Product Form Fields, Fields
In the Products section, there is a FORM option for editing.
I can add TABS or SECTIONS, just not any details. I would like to add a drop-list and/or checkbox list of options on a second tab as to which VENDOR is the manufacturer of the product.

How can this be accomplished?
Hi Steve,

What you can do is add "Section", name it "VENDOR" or "MANUFACTURER" and add some subSections inside of this major Section, name these subsections your Vendors names. In this case you will be able to choose the name of your Vendors from the list while creating a product, this name will be displayed in the Product list after.

As for other Product Section Fields Customization - Bitrix24 does not provide it yet, but we are studying the demand currently. We thank you for the suggestion.

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Best regards,

Hi Yana, in connection to this, is it possible to attach a certain product to a Company classified as a Vendor/Supplier, as we would also like to have a report on all Deals under this Vendor/Supplier
Hi Raymond!

Unfortunately not, there is no "bind to product catalog" field available for companies custom fields.I've passed the suggestion to the devs.

Kind Regards,

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