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Import contact data into multiple choice custom field
Hi there,

just migrating our data into our bitrix self hosted version. The general process of importing from CSV-Files is clear to me and works pretty well, but I've got a slight problem.

Let's say we have a user defined field for our contact with the name "Attended events" and let's assume there are four possible choices of which you can select none, one or multiple events. Let's call them:

  • Event1
  • Event2
  • Event3
  • Event4
How do I format the CSV-celldata in a way that after importing the data, the correct events are chosen? I tried Event 1 | Event 3 (since it's displayed this way in the frontend) but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance
Hi Tim,

To import multiple choice custom field contacts we advise you first to export the sample of the future contact type and then to import it back in the same format.

Please follow these steps to import contact data into multiple choice custom field:

1) Add new multiple custom field in CRM Contacts section. (the field from where you will be able to choose from :
  • Event1
  • Event2
  • Event3
  • Event4
To do that please go to CRM>Settings>Custom Fields>Contacts>Add Field. In "Settings" window please choose type "List", check "multiple", please do not chek "required" as if choosen you will not be able to select none. Design "Check box". Open "Lists" page and add fields (event 1, event 2..etc). Save.

2) Create new contact and choose at least 2 of the possible options (for example event 1, event3). Save,

3) Before exporting CRM contacts please add this new custom field to the Contacts preview form - click "Edit List">"List columns">check your new custom field > click Apply. Now you can see this new contacts custom field among the contacts preview lists.

4)  Choose "Export to CSV" in the right settings menu.

5) Open the exported CSV file and find that new contact you have just created (with fields event1, event 3). This is the sample how you need to put data in CSV file for import to Bitrix24. Please do not import same file back before deleting your existing contacts - they will be dublicated. You can either delete existing ones and insert new "to be imported" contacts in this file sample, or you can copy the line with this exported contact  and header line and insert it in your own "prepared to be imported" CSV file - don't forget to modify it after. Now you can see how the data should look like to be imported correctly (for example event 1, event 3 ) Please delete the sample contact line (the one you've exported and copied) after you've done with CSV file import preps. (do not delete the header). Save this file in CSV format.

6) Import the CSV file.

Kind Regards,

Hi there

I'm also struggling with uploading custom fields, so this post is very helpful . . .

My problem is the format of the upload file?  When I EXPORT from Bitrix, it puts data fields into separate cells in the csv file.

If I then try to IMPORT this file into Bitrix, I don't see an option for "cell delimited"; only semi-colon / comma / space / tab.

And none of these options seems to work for this style of import file?

Hi Marc!

Please contact our Helpdesk with the file samples (export & import) - we do not need the whole long list, just a couple of lines filled. Thank you.  
Thanks, Yana - I've created a ticket for this.
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