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deal Stages, Sorting out selection list for deal stages
Having trouble with setting up deal stages different to the default.

Is there a limit to the number of stages that can be used? some of the default stages seem to be closing the deal even if you change the description.

I have had to limit the deal stages to 5 and this seems a bit too few for the type of deals we are doing
Hi Richard,

Please advise if you have shifted the "closing deal lines with "cycle" icons due to the consequence of stages you need? (please see screenshot) You can shift lines with the help of up\down icons on the left.

Please note that "closed won" and\or "closed lost" deal stages are set by default as closing the deal stages (green\red color), that is why we advise you to do modifications taking into account these 2 default function stages.

Kind Regards,

Ok Thanks - I did not understand the relevance of these circles and have now moved them to the end so that I can add more stages

all seems to work fine now. Just not clear what these circles are telling me - they appear in a number of selection lists.

Thanks again
These cycle icons in Selection Lists allows you to come back to the field's original names. For example if the field's name was "Closed won" and you have changed it for "ABS" - you can click this cycle icon and the name will return to "Closed won" name.

Kind Regards,

Is there a way to change the deal stage colors?
Hi Timothy,

I'm afraid there is no way to do that.

Do you have anything in plan soon regarding stage colors?
Hi Jure,

Not in short-term plans, I'm afraid.


How do you customize the deal stages list? I know I must be missing something, but I have been under the deals tab and the filter tab, but it doesn't seem to have a place to customize the deals stages.
Hi David,

Please check in CRM Settings > Start point > Statuses > deal stage.


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