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Taxing customers
That's the way we usually do it: we tell the clients - "The service costs 45$ including tax"

That is convenient for him as well for us. Now a little problem comes when I have to create invoice in bitrix.... since I told the client that it all costs 45$ (tax including) I need to create invoice this way that the final calculated price would be 45$. Meaning I have to calculate something like this:
"How much should I specify in the initial price so when tax is added it would be exactly 45$".
That's an incredible amount of work if you have to create huge number of invoices.

Would it be possible to:
a) Make the invoice not to calculate taxes
b) Simply show: 45$, including taxes"

Hi Elijah,

You should not calculate the tax amount yourself, the service does it automatically. You need to enable "include tax in price" option. To do that please choose which type of tax is applied in your Bitrix24 (you can look for it here CRM>Settings>Taxes>Settings)  and perform following steps:

1) location-based tax:
Go to CRM>Settings>Taxes>Edit tax>Tax rates>Edit tax rate> enable "Include tax in price". Now all the products from your catalog will have same price in the catalog and in the total amount in invoice, while tax will be calculated automatically. It means you would have to put in the catalog the final price - 45$

2) VAT:
Go to the Catalog> choose the product and click "Edit product"> enable "Vat included".
Now if your service is stated in the catalog as priced 45$ - it will be shown in the invoice as total amount including tax is - 45$, and the tax amount will be calculated automatically.

Please advise if the solution helped.

Kind Regards,

In my case I'm working with products that are priced Excluding VAT.

When creating an invoice currently, the system correctly lists the VAT rate and Total Before VAT (at the bottom of the invoice) but for the line items, it lists "Price" as the product price INCLUDING the VAT (which is NOT correct!), then the VAT rate (correct), and then the "Sub Total" has the total line item as Price Including VAT (correct).

This causes trouble especially when it comes to adjusting the item price to a discounted amount (before VAT is added). With this invoice template as it is, the "Price" is presumed to include the VAT amount already, even though the product was set up by un-checking the box for "VAT included".

So can you please adjust the invoice template (or can a new Invoice template be set up for use?) so that the line item for the product being sold in this scenario (priced Excluding VAT) lists:
Quantity, Price (excluding VAT), VAT Rate (%) and then Sub Total [Quantity x (Price + (Price x VAT amount))] ?

The totals at the bottom of the invoice are fine as they are.
Edited: Steve Ve - 02/25/2014 04:48:57
Hi Steve,

Thank you for the observations, I've passed them to our Dev Team. We will take them into account, can't advise on the deadlines, I guess we'll make some improvements aproximately this spring.
Kind Regards,

Just as a quick follow up of this issue - I see that if I send the invoice out as a PDF, the value of the price of the product listed in the field under the heading "Unit Price" does show it correctly as the amount excluding VAT.

So it is just in the online GUI interface for editing the invoice that the data in the "Price" field is shown and calculated as the VAT inclusive value.
Hi Steve,

Thanks for observations! We are working on the invoice interface logic and we'll take of the above mentioned into account.


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