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New default template
I created a new pdf template with doc designer. How do I make it a default template for all my invoices?

Thank you,
Hi guys, I think it is a pretty simple question.... could you please respond? I'm about to go to production mode and this is the only thing that is holding me.

Unfortunately, templates created in Doc Designer App can not be set as default for Bitrix24 standard invoices. The scenario is - you create a DocDesigner template and after you choose a deal, lead, company or contact from the list (in DD app) and apply the DD invoice template to the chosen CRM item.

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This is extremely uncomfortable and counter intuitive, since it simply means that there is nothing i can do about the default template - which is in most cases won't work for majority of companies. Think about the company that sales the tours that very often changes the pricing of their services in order to adjust to the demand or to seasonal fluctuations. (My case) It means that every time they need to use custom template for the new service they have to create one in DocDesigner. And they are just regular guys who don't know anything html or creating tables.
Unfortunately this is a showstopper for me and I won't be able to recommend this software for a companies that require a lot of different invoices.

I understand that service is provided for free and I really appreciate your help. I hope the feedback provided will be included in the roadmap for future development, since otherwise I think highly of the software.

If not talking about DocDesigner, can you please give some light what exactly did you find not enough (lacking) in the standard invoice section of Bitrix24? We will be thankful if you can give some concrete suggestions - so that we can use them when updating this CRM section.

Thank you!


The ability to modify the default template or replace it with the one I created myself.
That's what is missing in my eyes.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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