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associating contacts to multiple companies
The contact record view shows a tab called 'companies' which lists the company the contact is working for. It suggests that a contact can be associated to multiple companies. In the contact edit form you can select the company to associate to the contact. How can i associate a contact to multiple companies? In the current setup the original company will be replaced bij the new company.  
Hi Paul,

The contact can not unfortunately be associated with more then 1 company with the help of this standard field. But here is the solution - you can create a custom field with a multiple condition  - it will allow you to bind 1 contact to more then 1 company

Here is how to add this custom field:

1) CRM>Settings>Custom fields>Contacts>Add field
2) Give name, choose type "Bind To CRM Elements". In the field  "Available entity" choose "Company".  
3) check "multiple"
4) Save.

Please note that it will be a one way association: the Contact will not appear in the Company's details.

Please advise if the solution helped.

Kind Regards,

what a shame!
I've been trying out your product with the view of upgrading to the pro version.
This is unfortunately an important drawback as in our industry it is very common to see the same contact managing different accounts (companies). Your workaround is not ideal as, as you mentionned, the contact does not appear in the company's details.

I came fr om another industry wh ere it was also common for one contact to be linked to various accounts.

This is a major deal breaker for which I wouldn't adopt your otherwise great product.

Kind regards,

Hi Hugo,

I can only say that we have plans for this feature, but it will not be released in our nearest updates. Thanks for the feature importance explanation.


I second that wish for linking one contact to multiple companies: we manage companies as well as comittees, public trusts etc., and it would be very helpful to see if somebody in a company has a connection to a comittee, trust or another company.

Kind regards,

I see tthis is an old post; but I am often amazed at how with CRM there seems to be an assumption that a person is only involved in one company in one role.

There needs to be a many-to-many relationship between an "individual / contact" and an "organisation"; and the joining entity is "role / position".

Role should also then have "From" and "To" attributes, so that for a Contact I keep their history of associations with various organisations.

Even Employees should have the same multiple roles to their own company - I might be the manager of a department; but also sit on various committees.

Hi Katharina, thanks for the exlanation, we'll take it into account.

Hi Marc, thanks for the interesting suggestion  - I've passed to the dev team. BTW if you know any good example of how "keep their history of associations with various organisations" option - please share. Thank you!


Hi Yana

The relationship between "Lead/Contact" and "Company/Organisation" is many-to-one; but should be many-to-many.  Therefore another file called "Role" needs to be introduced between these two entities.  Two atributes of the "Role" file shold be "Start date" and "End date"; so that Bitrix stores the information of what roles a Lead/Contact has held across any number of organisations over time.

So as my data about a Contact grows, I will be able to capture previous or current roles in various companies that are important for people to know.

Does this help?

Yes Marc, thanks a lot! The scenario is clear - I'll pass it to the dev team.

Best Regards,

Glad to hear that, Yana.

Keep in mind that this can also be applied to the relationship between "Employees" and their own Bitrix company.  So I might be the manager of a department, but i also serve on various committees within the company.  And then if I use a "Role" file with Start and End Dates, it means Employees' historical & ongoing involvement with the Bitrix company is not lost.

I am also interested in linking one contact to more than one companies. It is also common in our industry to see people managing groups of companies.

Please let us know when the feature will be available.
Thank you,
Hi Josef!

Sure. Thanks.

I'd like to echo to wisdom of the previous commenters. Yes, one to many is the proper way to setup a contact to company or company to contact.  It's extremely short sighted not to have this relationship.

Seriously, you need to fix this. Insightly and Nutshell do this quite well. I spoke with InfusionSoft today and they don't have it. This is basis CRM 101.

We need to ability to create company groups as well.

Please bring us TAGS. They are quick way to group things!
Hi Tim!

Thanks for your observations, I've passed them to the devs,


I have this problem with a local manager being the main point of contact against a company but an area manager being responsible for many sites/companies

I can add the contact details of the area manager to each site and they will appear in the company view for only one company

I tried to be clever and set up a company called the area manager with all the local managers as his contacts but then Bitrix unlinks them from the company they manage as they can only have one to one relationship.

A contact needs a many to many relationship with Companies

Not found a way around this yet but its going to get very confusing as I have 1000 companies potential split with 20 area managers and a 1000 local managers

Hello Yana,

what is the last activity here from the DEV Team? What's the status of this major issue?


I am too interested in this feature. It is fundamental!

Any progress on this update? Many contacts I work with have multiple locations or own a few different businesses. There is a high demand for this update. Has there been any progress on it?

Hi Talulla!

We'll consider it for the future updates. Thank you.


Yup.  I'm going to have to search for a different product as well because of the lack of this basic feature.  
Hello Yana, another voice for multiple contacts x companies association!  ;) Is there already any time frame for this important improvement of your otherwise excellent product? Best regards, Bohdan
Hi Bohdan,

Maybe spring 2016 - but I cannot say for sure, I'm afraid. Thanks for your kind words on Bitrix24.


Hi Yana,

I just found out about this major issue.
I've been searching and thought it was an issue on my side ......... OMG!!
This really needs to be fixed's a major flaw that any programmer deals with when starting programming in MS access '96 !!
Please pass this on to the DEV team to solve this ASAP ..... hubspot and others have this working great ........ so it's really a deal breaker for Bitrix not to have seen this.


Hi Robert!

We are aware of this feature request, we're mostly done with the current release & we'll be ready to consider this update possibility next year. Thanks for the argumentation!


Bohdan Koverdynský wrote:
Hello Yana, another voice for multiple contacts x companies association!   Is there already any time frame for this important improvement of your otherwise excellent product? Best regards, Bohdan

+1 = definitely worth investigating this
Edited: Rob Maroszek - 03/15/2016 04:26:37
I think I solved the issue, please see attached :) Bitrix is really very well written and quite flexible.
Robert, actualy this is one-to-many connection, because when you add many contacts to company, there weren't any sign of companies on contact

Yana, can you give updates about this issue? Will it be added in nearest releases? I understand, that it could be rather big changes in architecture, but, anyway, it could be possible to add many-to-many connections just between already existing entities in Bitrix24

Anyway, thanks a lot for such a product, it's really nice so far
Hi Dmitry!

Thanks for your kinds words, we're working on this already & hope to be able to present it soon.


Hello Yana!

I was wondering if this has been implemented?  Having Contacts or Leads associated with multiple companies and having them appear in details of both associated entries?
I write as a fan of Bitrix24.

As far as I am aware, it is now possible to have multiple companies associated with a contact - and has been for some time.  (Choose select/create in a contact edit)

That is a great advance.

A.) However, it does come with a flaw.  The contact can only have one "position" overall; not a different position with each company.  E.g. the CEO of one company might be a non-executive director of another.

I would have thought that this is an easy glitch to remove.

There are also follow-on aspects which should be incorporated:

B.)  There should be a way to associate group companies.

C.)  There should be multiple addresses for each contact and company (many companies have multiple offices).

D.)  The address function must be improved.  It usually takes over a minute to add a new address (I actually use the scan business card feature on my mobile which, although very fiddly (because for reading errors), is easier than entering manually).

It's great that Bitrix24 is spreading its features into new areas but it would be much better to get simple CRM issues sorted.  If customers get frustrated with the CRM, they won't stay around for the more sophisticated stuff.

I could go on.

You can already associate Contact with several companies! In contact edit form choose several companies, they will be added to the contact form.

Thanks for the feedback Charles! We'll try to polish existing CRM features within the next releases.


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