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When to start as a Lead vs a Contact, Procedure process question
We are new to CRM for leads so this is a basic procedural question my sales person asked me which I could not answer. I was hoping you could guide us on this.

1.) When I enter a lead, if it turns out to be a lead that says "now is not the time, contact me in 3 months", should she leave them in a lead status or convert them into a contact / company?

2.) If I know someone I spoke with is interested in getting more information on our product, can I just start them off as a deal? In other words can the lead step be skipped sometimes?

Thanks (and we are loving this software!)
Hi John,

Thanks for the positive feedback, as for your questions:

1) when the lead as you to postpone - he\she stays as lead, as he\she remains your prospect - there is a status in leads called "on hold".
2) it depends - mostly on the probability of the deal, if your prospect is just getting around - he\she is lead, if he\she is really interested and ask for details or a  quote - in this case this is deal, where you can also set stages (for example - in development, waiting for details, etc) and probability %. For your comfort - you can add the probability field to the Deals list preview (Deals>Edit list>List columns>Probability>Apply) and filter all your deals by probability.

Kind Regards,

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