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Custom Field Bulk Update, Bulk Update
We just created a custom field (lead type) that appears on leads and deals. Is there a way to do a bulk upd ate to se t this value on a group of records at one time?

Actually you can upd ate the values for the group of leads - to do that please choose (tick) the leads on one page you need to update and click edit (pencil icon). Se t the values and save. Please note the values will not be saved for the converted leads. Also note that this action can be performed only for those leads displayed on the current page, which means the "for all" option is not available for this scenario.

Unfortunately the leads custom field cannot be edited in bulk so that the group of leads will be given same custom field value in one action. I've passed the suggestion to the dev team.

Kind Regards,

I need to bulk update deal stage - please advise where to do this...
I select all the ones I wish to update and there appears to be no way to change status in bulk.

Please advise
Hello, Yana.

Generally speaking, bulk updates for any field in any CRM object should be needed. There are plenty of scenarios where having to go one by one is way too time consuming.
Can Dev Team consider this?


Hi Timothy,

After you've selected several deals - scroll down the list to the bottom line menu called "actions" - choose "set stage" - choose stage in the right-sided tab, click apply.
(just in case if you don't see the set stage option - make sure you have deal stage column in the list view - if not, go to the top panel and click "edit list>list columns>tick "stage">click apply).

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the suggestion, we've added it to our feature requests list & we'll consider this for our next releases.
How do I bulk update other custom fields that are not listed?

I have a "Newsletter" field that I created and I need to add a large amount of contacts to this field. How does one do that?
Edited: Timothy Thornton - 07/30/2014 21:36:17
Hi Timothy,

CRM Custom fileds cannot be updated in bulk now, we have this option in our requests list, they can only be edited from the list view so that you don't need to open each item one by one.
Super - being able to edit all fields in bulk is something I would add my vote to, since we are constantly updating our systems.
Thanks Timothy!

Just read through the forum and was wondering when the mass update option would be available?
Hi Naveen!

Can't say for sure, not in the short-term plans for this spring release.


Hello Yana, this feature is critical. thanks for considering. Best, Frederic
Hi Yana,

My vote for this feature as well. When a new feature is added, it is very time consuming to edit each contact one-by-one. There should be the possibility to e.g. check boxes in the list view and then bulk update.


Hi Sergio, thanks for your vote!

I also need this feature urgently. There are so many use cases for this bulk updating of fields ... can't you suggest a workaround?
Hi Ken!

Thanks for the vote, not sure about the work around - theoretically you can try to filter leads, export them - add needed field & value & import back  - but you may need to delete the old leads before importing to avoid duplicate s- also the leads connections with BPs, other CRM records, invoices, etc may be lost. I wouldn't recommend this, but you may test it if you'd like.


Hi Yana, well, that really does not sound like a feasible and secure solution. I can only repeat that bulk changes are far more important than many other features and it would be great if it would move up in the list of future additions. Thanks! Ken

Is there any hope this feature will be implemented some time near?
As you can see there are many companies that need this, essentially.

Thanks for the votes, unfortunately can't advise any time frame at the moment.



to be honest: I'm more than disappointed by this situation since I could not imagine that updating multiple data sets at once isn't possible. To me, bulk update functionality seems to be a basic feature for a modern CRM system. In any case it's a vital function for our company. Given the fact, that there is not even a time frame for implementation, we will have to stop using Bitrix 24 and migrate to a different solution.

Fortunateley we are in a rather early stage of implementation.

Dear Yana,

Good afternoon.

Do you have any updates regarding bulk updates please? It would be incredibly useful to many of your users to have this implemented soon please?

Thank you for your help! :)

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your vote on this option. (unfortunately not scheduled for this summer update)


Thanks for the vote, Lucio!


Is there any updates on the bulk updates of CRM fields at a stretch?
Hi Praveen,

No, I'm afraid. This option has been added yet.


I might have found a workaround to accomplish this. Can you assure me it's a safe way?

The only bulk change that's possible to do is for the statuses. Therefore:
- I create a custom field called "Status2", a text field, initially set to the value of the status for each lead.
- Create a new status, called "Change status"
- Create a BP, based on a upd ate on leads:
  --- if the status is "Change status" then:
     ----- Modify document to what you want, or send an email, or anything you want
     ----- then, if Status2 = "Unassigned", set Status to Unassigned. If Status2 = "On Hold", set Status to On Hold. Etc for each Status
  --- if not then:
     ----- Modify "Status2" to "Status (text)"
(so, if you change the status to stg else, the new field will update. If you change the status to "Change status", then the action will be done, and the status will be se t back to its original value). If you don't modify the status, nothing will happen.
- Select all the leads you want to modify, and "set status" to "Change status"

Don't forget to change the BP each time you want to modify a value.

I know it works (I tried it), but is it safe?

Thank you
Edited: Marco Ma - 01/11/2017 04:37:55
Hello Marco,
we've developed a similar business-process based approach, tried it a few times but stopped using it. While it worked in theory, it depended on too many variables and can have some unwanted consequences if not done 100% correct. We felt that unless one person is using this feature frequently it is not feasible. Trying to teach multiple people or controlling all things that can go wrong ... too risky for us. Maybe your process is safer but all I can say is that I am still waiting for a feature in Bitrix.

@Bitrix: All we would need is the option to upload field content to existing records. Why is that so difficult to implement? Download records, change field content that need to be changed and upload the changes. All done in CSV with UTF8. No problem. Sure a GUI-solution with selection of records and change would be nicer, but at the end a simple upload option that does not create new records would do in my opinion.
Hi Ken,

Thanks for the suggested scenario.


Ken Golisch wrote:
@Bitrix:  All we would need is the option  to upload field content to existing records . Why is that so difficult to implement? Download records, change field content that need to be changed and upload the changes. All done in CSV with UTF8.
Hi Ken,
Your solution is doable.
Filter the CRM data which needs to be updated. Export this data to a csv-file. Open the csv-file and edit (or add) the data. Import the CSV-file and choose in the 3rd import step 'Duplicate Control' for the 'Replace' option.

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