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Leads organization, Is possible organize leads with a group or similar?

normally I magane leads that are in different sectors (i.e. robotic industry, cars, ecc...).

Is there any way to organize leads in groups? and filter lead list for a specific group?
Kind regards,
Hi Stefano,

Unfortunately this option is not available. You can filter leads by various parameters, for example you can add a custom filed to the lead's from and specify a group's name there, after you will be able to filter the full leads list by the name of the "group" custom field.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

I think that custom field is a good option.

Please, can you explain to me how to add a custom field to the lead?

Thanks in advance,
Please go to CRM>Settings>Custom fields>Lead - add field. Give a name to the new field (for example Group name), please choose the filed type (string - if you want to enter group names while creating or editing lead, list - if you have a small amount of groups you want to choose from while creating or editing leads). Please make sure "use in filter" option is enabled. You can also enable "multiple" option that will allow you to choose\set more that 1 group for each lead. Please note that "requred" option will oblige you to choose at least one group for each new lead added - so apply it if needed only.

If you choose "list" type of custom field - you will see a new section in the custom field creation menu appeared (please see screenshot)

You may also find this training course helpful.

Kind Regards,

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