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Deal view problem and activities
1. I've created some deals and I'm responsible for it. But other users don't see my deals. Only administrators sees all deals.
   I've checked
   "Available to everyone
   Deal can be viewed by all users."

User can only see if I set outgoing call to him.

2. When I add new task to deal it doesn't appear in Activities section (Deal table). Task only appears in Stream and Task section...
Hi Valdas,

1. If you want other users to see "available for all" deals - please give these users corresponding access permissions (through CRM role). For example: go to CRM>Settings>Access Permissions>add these users and give them a CRM role (for example - manager), then set access permissions to this "manager role" (Role>edit) - please choose read=all open for deals. Save.

2. To see tasks list in Activities section please click of Tasks Tab filter on the top panel.

Please advise if the solutions helped.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for help

1. Ok
2. I can't find Tasks Tab filter
Please find Tasks Tab filter in CRM>My activities here:

And inside deal's details page here>Activity> Filter>show my current activities here (btw you can set filter by type=task too, or any other way you need):

I mean I want to see tasks in DEAL sector table. CRM > DEALS

I see, the reason is this column displays only the tasks with nearest deadline or end date. Please note that if you will change (add) deadline or end date to the existing task now - it will not be displayed in activities - this is our bug that will be fixed soon (just for your information for the nearest time). It works correct when adding new tasks.


I have exactly the same problem as Valdas.
I have several sales teams, and they have added deals to the system.
These deals are only visible to the Administrators, as Valdas says.
I have set the CRM role as per your instruction, so that Sales Coaches should be able to see "Deals=All open",
and I have checked that the deals really are open to all users.
The deals still are not visible to the Sales Coaches, either when I click on the "deals" tab or when I look att a report I've made for the Sales Coaches,
which is set to show all deals for the sales teams.
The Sales Coaches are Supervisors for the Sales Teams in the 'Company structure'
Please Advise,
P.S. Otherwise I am VERY happy with the Bitrix24 system :D D.S.
Cheers / Chris
Hi Christer,

We do not observe ths problem  - maybe more details needed, please contact our Help Desk with the same problem description, please also add access permissions settings (for sales coaches) screenshot, any other details will also be helpful). Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana, our company has a similar setup wherein we have 3 teams and each of which has Team Leaders. I was able to setup the CRM wherein the Team Leaders are able to see the deals of their team members, however, they are not able to see the deals which are at the "In Development" stage, why is this? As an administrator, I don't have this problem as I am able to see all deals, is there a way I can adjust this? Once the deal stage is updated to "Waiting for Details" the Team Leader can view the Deal. Thanks
Hi Yana, I would like to kindly follow up on this, is there any way to adjust this? Thank you.
Dear Raymond!

Please go to CRM>Settings>Access Permissions>open the role with this problem (team leaders)> unroll the "deals" section & check the statuses access level.


Dear Yana, thank you.
We are facing problems in viewing tasks. Not everyone is able to see the tasks created by others. All the members have admin rights. Please advise how to solve this problem?
Hi Abhishek!

Try to open Tasks > All. Alternatively, open your profile page & activate admin mode. Try to see Tasks in admin mode.


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