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Sales Representative Report, Adding deals name and products

Currently, the sales representative report only display the no: of delas and amount.
Can we add the name of deals too and the products to the reports?


Hi Shankkar,

To add name of deals please open the sales representative report and click edit. In the report wizard please click add (see screnshot)

tick Deal>Name.

Also here you can add deal product name Deal>product>deal products.

Please note that columns can be moved by means of up\down arrow tabs (it will change the order of columns displayed in the report)
Please make sure you haven't enabled (tick) the calculate column for Deal and product names - otherwise they will be calculated and shown as numbers but not names. (see screenshot):

BTW you can use filter on the right side from the report to set report time \ responsible person name, etc.

You may also find this training course section on CRM Reportshelpful.

Kind Regards,


I can't find the "Section Field" (Product Category) in the Reports. I will like to have a Report of the Deals grouped by Section (product category) . The products report doesn't have the Section Field available. Please adviced.

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