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How to assign several contacts to 1 deal
      Hello, I am trying to assign several contacts to 1 deal, but it keeps on overwriting over the previously selected contact...
In our industry, we deal with labs, who buy our systems together, so we have multiple / parallel communication with several people for the same deal.

How can I do this?


Hi Jérôme,

Unfortunately, this option is not available, only one contact can be associated with a deal now. I've passed the suggestion to the development department.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Yana,

I believe that this feature is crucial for many companies, not only in my field. I am sure this is not too difficult to apply either.

I hope this will be fixed soon!
So far my company is assessing Bitrix free, and depending how things go, we might acquire a pro licence. So far we really like it. There are some limitations, but for a free system this is already very good.

Another suggestion, would be to add an extra "customer base" section, where existing customers / installed machines could be accessed.
Again, this is a feature that many business would be interested in, where you could follow the history of your product (with servicing history, issues, modifications etc).


Thanks for the suggestions, please note that CRM iteams like leads, contacts, companies, deals lists can be imported to Bitrix24 in CSV file format, as for products list import and CRM items history\actions import- I've added your suggestion to the feature request list.

Thank you for the positive Bitrix24 feedback!


for many companies, not only in my field. I am sure this
This is very important for my company too.
Hi Roberto,

Thanks for your vote for this feature, we'll take it into account!

Kind Regards,

you can already see a customer base in Bitrix by setting up and selecting company type to be existing client.

You can then filter by company type and see only the customer base you want to see.

Deal type could also be used for service issues and warranty work etc

not tried this but as long as you can filter and find what you want should be ok
Edited: Richard Duff - 04/04/2014 19:52:13
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the suggestions, I think this can be quite helpful for our users.


Hi Richard,
this is a good point, but I think that a more direct approach should be applied.
When 5 - 6 people are involved in the purchase of a product, it can be tedious to see which person was involved in the later stages of the deal. I have for some companies 20 employees  logged... So I still think that being able to assign several contacts to a deal is logical and would make many user's lives easier.

I understand that everybody uses and adapt Bitrix differently, and it is hard to please everyone. But I still believe that this feature is an important, yet simple one.
Yes Jerome, thanks, we are collecting all our clients feedback and requests and trying to do our best to meet our dear clients needs :-)


Jérôme Burnet wrote:
I believe that this feature is crucial for many companies
+1 on this request. We are considering using Bitrix24 in our company, but it is essential for us to assign several contacts to the same lead/deal.

Kind regards,
Hi Christian,

Thanks for sharing, we'll take your opinion ino account.

Kind Regards,

Any updates on this? Really would like to be able to associate a Call (Webcast with many folks) with more than one contact. Same for Meetings. (I realize that you can add multiple folks for Meetings in the Calendar view but the Normal view does not show this detail. +1 for multiple contacts to an entry (call, meeting, lead, quote, etc) throughout Bitrix24. Thanks!
Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your vote! No updates for now.

Hello,  is there any plan to integrate this functionality into Bitrix??  If not, I will need to migrate to a different system.  This is critical for my company.


Hi Mike,

Can't say for sure, hope 2015.

Kind Regards,

Dear Yana,

Is there any progress regarding this issue? This is quite important for us as well!


Hi Kai-Markus!

I'm afraid I can't promise for the upcoming release. Maybe later this year.



+1 for multiple contacts for meetings etc.

Looks like it will never happen though :(
Hi Cathal,

Thanks for your vote. It is important for us to collect your votes!


Hello ,this issue had been going on for over 3 years now... is there any way to make this happen, or maybe there is a way and I dont know yet? All we need is to have a setting in Bitrix to add +1 or 1 to all the phone numbers on our existing contact phone numbers automatically or just at the time of making a phone call.out.

And here is another issue, on my website, I added the Open Channel  with chat, call back and form on my website,  and when people goes there and enter their phone number, here in the USA they never put 1-area code- phone number, or + 1 area code- phone number... so, when the visitor request to call back and the warning comes to the CRM, we cannot call back... (see images below)


Dear Rob,

Some good news.

1.  As far as I'm aware, it's possible to add more than 1 contact to a deal.

2.  Bitrix24 still doesn't seem to allow conference calls nor meetings with more than 1 person. Yana: any update on when this glitch will be rectified?

3. In terms of workarounds to add +1 to a telephone number, the solution would be custom fields determined by other fields (i.e. for contacts with US addresses, a field could be created adding +1 to the number (if not already there).

Until there is a proper bulk edit facility, I would search by country, sort by number (oh, I forgot, Bitrix24 doesn't do that. Yana, can that be fixed too?) and edit in the summary view (ensuring country and number are on display). Fiddly and time consuming I know but should solve the problem.

Bitrix24 has some great customisation capabilities but sometimes things slip through.

Hope this helps,

Thank you. but could you please show us where to add a field with +1 and how this separate field will affect the regular phone number that Bitrix uses when we press to call out or when we receive a call in inside Bitrix?

That is the ultimate goal, make sure that the telephone module understand and work (dial out) with just 10 digits or have this +1 field added into all the new contacts and or leads added to Bitrix... ,  at the moment, when we import a list of contacts, or capture contacts name and phone numbers fr om the Open Channel chat windows wh ere visitors will naturally only enter the regular US with 10 digit number without the +1, and try to click on the number to dial out, we get a error message.

thank you for any more suggestion

Dear Ron,

Sorry for the confusion.  I was referring to a hypothetical solution.  As far as I'm aware, Bitrix24 cannot yet create a custom field conditionally on the entry in another field.  It would be a great advance if it could.  (Is this true Yana?  Any plans to introduce?)

That's why I proposed the fiddley summary display edit solution.

I think a usual (prior) solution is to have form fillers declare their country then have the telephone number in a local format.  I think some forms should be able to insist on a correctly formatted number for the selected country.

Hope his helps,

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