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Link files with CRM items
      Is it possible to connect certain files from the bitrix drive with the corresponding crm elements (be it a company, or job, or contact/lead)?

this would be really great and necessary for us...
Hi Zac,

Unfortunately not, that is the scenario we are thinking about - like CRM document Library. Thank you for the suggestion.

Kind Regards,


I would say that a library that is for CRM might be nice, but also might not be needed.  It might be easier to provide a way for a document or folder in the normal drive areas to be tagged to a lead, contact, organization, etc.  Document or folder could have more than one tag.

Then when you look at an element you can see link to tagged folders or docs.

If there is a time when the document still needs to be kept, but no longer is related to the element, then user can remove the tag.

This might be easier and more simple than creating additional drive/library.

One problem would be if you move things around in your drive, then keeping tags is more complex.

One way or another, many users would appreciate some way to associate documents to leads, contacts, etc.

Thank you!
Thanks for the detailed explanation Ryan, we'll take your suggestion into account.

I wounder if this Thread has any updates?

We are just new to Bitrix, and as an Accounting-firm, a feature like this would be Good.
Or does it already exists, and we don't know about it?

We invite alot of External Clients,
We would like Bitrix, to be able, to "Connect" the Extranet-users BitrixDrive to a CRM-Company.

But Ryans Suggestion, is rely nice and modern.
Many document-programs are switching (/ adding) the feature of using Tags instead of a folder-system.
Makes it more flexible.

We Rely hope you guys is working on this, as this would take Bitrix CRM to a new level.

Hi Daniel,

This is a good direction to develop but we haven't started yet, we're working on some other interesting updates for this summer. meanwhile you can use:

Extranet workgroup tasks - attach files there & select CRM items in the task form. The task will appear in the CRM record's activities as well.


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