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Converting Lead to Contact, Company and Deal with Custom Fields

I'm busy getting Bitrix24 ready for deployement within our company. I am however hitting a snag.

I have created custom fields in Company, basically a more detailed address option with fields for street, suburb, city, zip code and province. This will be used for accurate reporting for our reps. The same has been done in the leads module.

When a lead is converted, how do I get the address fields to pull across into the Company fields?
Also, How do I remove the default fields in the conversion screen? I have removed them in the company view but they show in the conversion page and my custom fields are listed under a tab called "other".

Thanks in advance for the help,
Hi Mike,

This option is currently not available, but I've passed the suggestion to the dev team along  with your scenario description.

Thanks Yana,

I'll think of a work around for now.

Thanks for a great product and fast support.
Thanks Mike!

Best Regards to you & team!

Hi all - I'm having the same issue, and I think part of the problem here is that the expectation of carrying over data fr om Leads to Contacts/Companies/Deals is created in the Tutorial Video (CRM), wh ere it expressly says that data will be carried over i the field names are the same.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for bringing this issue up. I see that the field itself appears but the content disappears. In fact the reason is that the solution proposed in the video was just a work around, I guess it stopped working after several of our updates.Thank you.

Thanks, Yana - in my instance the field only appears because I created the same fields on both Leads and Companies/Contacts/Deals.

I'm having the same issue and I see the last time someone inquired was a bit of time ago.  Has a resolution been released? Thank you!

In case you have created custom fields in leads, when you click "generate for this lead" e.g. contact (convert to contact) - the system will show you a notification that several custom fields are missing in contact form & propose you to create these fields in contact, click agree. After contact form is opened - the system will show you a default form - click "show fields" & add your custom fields to the form.


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