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Leads converted are not showing in Contacts Stream/Activity, A lead that converted to contact doesn't show the lead in the contacts stream or activity...
We are evaluating Bitrix and other CRM platforms but we are running into some core issues that I would like to understand;

1. Converting a Lead into a Contact doesn¹t show the original Lead (an email in our case.) in the Contact Stream or Activity.  What is does is show the original lead email in the Lead Stream and Activity, this is fundamentally flawed because the Lead is part of the Contacts Stream and Activity.

2. Once you Convert a Lead into a Contact, you cannot delete the Lead unless you delete the Contact.  What if we want to keep the contact for future leads but want to delete the current Lead because it does work out?  Ie. Out lead page will simply become so filled up with pass, dead leads that it won¹t be worth sorting through.

3. So we have a new Lead and a nice BIG RED 1 is on the Leads button. So we click the Leads button but the new Lead is NOT highlighted, but we have two pages of leads with NO way of seeing who the new lead is!?

4. We can integrate POP server under CRM but we can¹t IMAP!?  IMAP, that we did link all it did was open a new tab to our web interface in a separate window!? Why did Bitrix need our password to open a window that we could have done ourselvesŠ Where is the integration of IMAP!?  Obviously Bitrix IS storing our username and password, where? How secure? What guarantees do I have if Bitrix get hacked, con siding it¹s not a US based company?  Why isn't GoDaddy IMAP not working considering how big of a hosting company they are?

Looking forward to seeing how fast these fundamental issues are fixed.

Hi C Mason,

First, I would like to thank you for taking time sharing these core-issues you've come across, we really appriciate this. Please find the answers to your questions below:

1) I see your probem & will pass the scenario to our developers, thanks for the observation.
2) I see your arguments, we'll think about "delete converted leads" or "hide converted leads" option
3) You should be able to see the new leads fr om the Activity Stream, when the red counters display the quantity of items which demand your attention - wh ere you have upcoming activities, etc - they ARE highlighted (light pink) in the item's ist. What you can also do is filter all your leads by status=unassigned, because all new leads have this status.
Also you can orginize the lead's list the way all leads will be displayed in order - to do that click on the column ID  - you can orginize the list view so that it will etheir display new leads at the very beginning of the list or at the very end.
4) Email server integration is coming to Bitrix24 this summer. Also, Bitrix, Inc. IS a US based corporation, even though we have R&D offices outside US.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

I'm currently evaluating Bitrix24 for use in our companies.  You mentioned in the earlier post that:

4) Email server integration is coming to Bitrix24 this summer.

Is this now available?  I cannot find on the system or any references in Support.

If not, is there a definite date for availability?


Hi Tufael!

We have added Bitrix24 & Yandex integration, see more details in our blog post. Currently CRM section supports pop server integration for email only


Thanks Yana,

That's a shame as I really like what I've seen so far.  IMAP email integration within CRM is pretty essential.  Hopefully something in your future plans...

Best wishes,

We'll consider this integration, I'll advise later. Thank you.

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