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Yandex E-Mail Servers and Our Domain, How to use the new Yandex E-mail servers withing bitrix24
Will someone with Bitrix24 please explain how to use and how to sign-up with the new Yandex e-mail servers and how to use our own domain withing bitrix24. I am hoping this will improve e-mail communication with leads, customers and contacts etc....

I am also hoping this feature will be an improvement over the e-mail connectors currently used.

Hi Rodney,

In your Bitrix24 account please open Mail scetion & choose own domain>connect, follow the steps described at "add email domain" page  - in case of any difficulties please contact our Help Desk for further assistance.

Kind Regards,

I want to add my own domain into mail settings but it shows "This domain is already in use"

My Domain Name is

This could happen if you or one of your team with administrative permissions to your Bitrix24 have already tried to add domain for mail, but then disconnected it.
There is no option for adding a recurrent domain in Bitrix24 now - we'll add it later.
Could you please contact our Helpdesk so they could help you set this manually?
I have got the same problem but cannot find a way of contacting you through the linked page.
Edited: Almuth Lauch - 12/26/2016 22:54:14
Please check the link now.


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