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File Upload - Contacts, Cant read file
We use the free version of Bitrix24-cloud version.  We added file upload under contacts in “add field” to upload documents that’s either in PDF. Doc or Docx.  We upload these documents directly from mail attachments. When viewing contact and we try to read the attached documentation(file upload) directly with Firefox after installing the Bitrix Plugin its all unreadable i.e. scrambled.  Note: In Bitrix Contact view we would like to read that file by bubble clicking on it and open it with the WEB browser Firefox, so that we don't have to download it back to our local PC or Mac.  Is this possible with Bitrix24 in the cloud and Firefox 29.0.1.  Please help
Edited: Wernher Lotter - 05/31/2014 06:59:57 (did not word this corectly first time )
Hi Wernher ,

Please advise what is this plugin you're talking about? (name, link?)

Normally you should be able to upload files from your local mashine to the contact's activity stream - and open this file by double-clicking on it.

Many thanks yes that does work, but this process will take to long as we upload more then one file per record (Contact)
Ok, I see what you mean  - we are thinking about extended work with files within CRM - like CRM document library, but for now this is not planned, but thanks to our clients feedback - we may better understand which features are the "most wanted". Thank you!

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