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Filtering CRM objects according to user group.

There seem to be no option to filter which CRM objects can each user see/interact with.
Granted, we can remove access to a whole category (say allow Contacts but not Deals) to a certain user/group but filtering inside those contacts is not possible.
For instance, I may not want my Purchasing department to have ALL Contacts in their hands but only the Suppliers they work with (since in a way they are also our customers sometimes). Or if I segment Sales department into Gov+Biz+Individuals I may want the right Sales agents to have only the segments they will be working with.

I guess the best way is to allow further filtering applying a filter rule or by Tags.
Would you guys consider this?

This might have been requested in the past but I haven't found any related post.
Hi Jean,

I guess what you suggest is to make category-based access permissions for the CRM items, right? Like e.g. to have in access permissions column lead - subcategories. I've pass the suggestion to our devs.
Also have you considered the scenario when e.g. 2 different departments have access permissions equal to personal, department and sub departments, meaning the users of dep A will not see those contacts of dep B (if responsible for these contacts is user from dep B).

Dear Yana,

Yes, that would be the idea.
Using Fields or Tags (which could be a bit more flexible in a way and also another "angle" of data organization - I've seen Tags predominantly in shared-contact solutions) would allow this.

For the scenario that you mention, it's a matter of internal policy.
Does the company want the MORE or the LESS restrictive of the resulting CRM objects query?
(Very similar situation with Permissions in multi user environments). This could be a CRM setting to be set by the company according to their preferences.

I also understand that this problem is way better handled by using Tags. Regardless of the Company structure, a User can always have access to the objects with the matching Tags.
Tags could be set in Workgroups or at individual level.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the complexity of the request; I've been a programmer for years.
The reason why I am requesting this is because a CRM system won't necessary be used by the Sales team only. I'll exemplify with our own setup:

I work for a middle-size group, in the hospitality division. The aim is to end up using Bitrix24 over the whole organization but for that I first need to prove my superiors that it's working for my division.
I have created departments, users and all the rest. I want to use the CRM for Sales and also for Front Office.
Sales for obvious reasons and Front Office to offer extra services to the guests such as follow up after a booking, appreciation letter after check-out, etc.
Even the Purchasing department can use the CRM to keep track of our suppliers and do their share of sales sometimes when we have promotions.
Also, I have figured out a way to use Companies and Contacts for inventory and object track management for key elements in our organization
(For examples, we will keep track of the usage of the company cars, their authorization use, the scheduled maintenance of air conditioning units, the distribution of our security keys among the staff and many others useful usages).

The way Bitrix24 CRM works now, all that information is available for ALL users with Read permissions over the CRM family objects (Companies, Contacts or whatever).
As you can imagine, Sales people don't need the entries for the Keys or the Aircons though they will need access to the Cars objects. Same for Front Office, they couldn't care less about suppliers or Agents while they will use the info of Walk in customers or any other customer that effectively checked-in with us.

If I want to provide with ONLY the info that the end user needs in order to reduce clutter and show them only the data they really need then I will have to filter it somehow, which is not possible at this stage.
And imagine the day I expand the platform to other divisions.... Their departments will absolutely have nothing to care about the info we deal with in ours.
I try to avoid confusion by adding a couple of Custom fields so we can sort "Humans" fr om Objects and I also name the Objects with headers in order to make them visually easy to catch, for scalability reasons and also to have them ordered in a way that they don't bother "much" when consulting Companies and Contacts. Still, this is just a patch and a more clean solution would be better.

I can imagine many other scenarios wh ere segmenting the CRM objects according to types of Users can be extremely useful. This has been a true pain even with Google Apps, having to resort to solutions such as FlashPanel (which btw uses Tags).


Ok Jean, got it. Thanks for the suggestion for the cloud. BTW your scenario with tags can be designed in Bitrix24 self-hosted version - if you'll make new Bitrix components (not touching the API). If you're interested - you may either try to do it yourself, or in case if that is too complicated - you can also contact one of our partners.

Hello, Yana.

Thx for the suggestion.

Hi Yana, is that implemented ?

We have self-hosted version but what do you mean by tags ?

Hi Gustavo,

No, unfortunately nothing is this regard has been implemented yet. As for the tags scenario, please contact our Helpdesk or one of our partners.


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