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Employee Cannot Access Portal, Gets the error - no access to
One of my employees recently had issues with Bitrix so I tried dismissing him in the Employees section and then re-hiring him. Now, he is unable to access the portal and always gets the error "no access." He can log in fine to the Bitrix24 network but when he puts in the portal URL in his address bar it always redirects him to that error page. What can I do to get him access?

Yes, he has tried clearing his cache. I've tried logging into his account on a different computer and it does the same thing.
Edited: Andrey Grabarchuk - 01/06/2015 03:13:49
Can I get a response here? This seems like a pretty serious issue, no?

For reference, this is the cloud version of Bitrix24.
Hi Andrey!

Please contact our Helpdeskasap with all details - they will assist. Thank you!


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