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Adding Existing User to the Company Structure, User is not showing up in the company structure
I invited a user into our system, but for some reason she is not showing up under our list of employees. When I go in to edit her profile, there is no option to select a department for an employee. Because we are not allowed to delete employees, I cannot remove her email address and re invite her.

Please help!
Hi Katie!

I'm not sure if I got it right - if you have mistakenly invited employee as extranet user - you can move this user to the intranet, please see this FAQ.


Hello. I have a general query.
Currently My company structure is like
Company head--> dubaiteam , india team , japan team, USA team..
dubai-->sales Dept.
India --> HR--> Sales
japan--> sales
USA--> HR-->marketing-->Sales

But now
1 .we want to chnge this whole structure.
we want this to be HIERARCHICAL

CEO-->preseident 1, preseident 2
presi1--> VP1
VP1--> director 1, director2
director1--> senior manager1, senior manager2
senior manager1--> employees
so that when we go higherwe get to see supervisors and people to whom other people report.
and also
2. when I will check CEO, there should be list on who reports to him
senior manager
It would be great.
Please suggest how to do it?
You can do that in Company>Company Structure (see in our Training Course)


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