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Time tracking / Time Management difference?
Congratulations on this great tool you develop and share with others.
I have a question regarding task timer. I cannot see this functionality in my free version. Is it restricted for pro version only?

It is kind of confusing, because in your pricing plan you put "Time tracking" in your free version. Does it regard the timer for certain task or just time scheduling? Seeing the elearning about this topic you call it Time Management and I can see this is a commercial function.

Please let me know if I can use the timer (meaning that I can start and stop counting the time spent on my tasks)

Best regards, Chris
Hi Krzysztof!

The offer is the following:

FREE paln - time tracking for tasks (see this blog post)
PROFESSIONAL plan - separate Time Management module - includes clock in\out option, work reports, worktime summary (here is Training Course description) - these options are located under Company in Pro plan & as a separate widget in the top bar (clock in\out) - and have no relation to tasks time tracking.


Great! Thanks for this link, I missed this blog post. It's working great!
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