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CRM reports permissions
anyone can delete these reports?
if so how to restore back the reports?

Only standard (default) reports are available to all sales managers, your custom reports are available only to you.

If you  decide to delete default reports - after you delete all reports under same section - e.g. deals - all default reports of this section will return.


is the sales funnel considered a stanard report also? only accessible by sales managers?
No, sales funnel is a separate module & is available to all sales managers.


ok thanks. when u say sales manager has access to sales funnel and standard reports... I am trying to look at the

CRM > settings > access permissions

1. I do not see any role of "sales manager" do you mean "manager" role?

2. and when u say they have access you mean "manager", "head of dept", "Chief executive" all have access to report right?

3. if i create a new role and want to restrict access to reports, this is automatic? no need to set anything?
What I've meant by "sales managers" is - all users who have access to the CRM ( I apologize if this may have caused a confusion) - irrelative to the Access Permissions roles. The reason is - the Access Permissions does not provide the possibility to configure access for reports, sales funnel or product catalog yet.


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