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Clock-in and Clock-out Option missing, How to fix missing clock in and clock out from dashboard
After the recent updates, the clock in and clock out option is missing from the dashboard. Can you help me with this? Thank you.
Edited: Beverly Laguartilla - 06/08/2016 11:49:04
Hi Beverly,

Please check:

1. Settings > Intranet Settings > Services - if you have Time management & work reports service switched on
2. Subscription > My Bitrix24 plan - you should have either Professional plan subscription or active 30 days trial.


So cumbersome...

These two pages link to each other so I was going round in circles trying to find out how to use HR tools.

Nothing mentions only available in Professional plan either....
I see, Bitrix24 offers 2 solutions (on premise & cloud) and several plans inside each solution, that's why it may be difficult to find out which option is available at what plan\version form our website pages giving product features overview. I believe this is because Bitrix24 offers a huge set of tools & we try to give the most full summary of each tool.

I would recommend to refer  to our prices page (show me difference tab is quite helpful) and use this plans comparison chart for easier navigation.


Website Free inluded tools shows this feature is included in the free version  also here too
Hi Monique,

Please advise what exactly is shown as free - time management is available for Professional plan only, maybe you've meant something else? Thanks


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