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Problem with adding new employee

 We have invited a new employee to our company’s Bitrix24, at first there were some problem, because our Company had reached the “12 employee threshold”, but we dismissed/made Inactive some of the former employees who are not working in the company any more, so we though our problem solved.
Currently we have 10 employees (our new colleague included) in our Company - we can see her among our other members - but although sometimes she can access her tasks and see company’s activity stream, commonly after opening 2-3 tasks she gets the following message:

“Your license allows the use of business tools for up to 12 users. Business tools are used by: (portrait of 9(!) members) Please send a request to your Bitrix24 administrator…”

Since we do not have 12 employees in our Company, we just cannot understand why this problem keeps repeating itself, especially that she could access the same tasks for first and second, but not for the third time; it has become quite a burning issue. Is it some glitch? What can we do? Can we do anything to solve it?

Thank you in advance for your help!
Hi Ramona,
I am sorry for the troubles you experience. Here is a way to fix it:
Your administrator should go to Subscription -> Business Tools and add your new employee to the list of business tools users (and delete your former employees from the list)
Good luck!
Hi Yulia!

Thank you for your answer, we will try it out!
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