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About Security Model, CRM security model
I'm analyzing Bitrix24 for use in pharma industry.
Could I grant security permissions to support the attached model?
In this case we have a sales force with supervisor and reps who visit physicians.
One physician can be "seen" by 1 or more reps.
Supervisors need to see your reps and contacts, and ocassionaly your own contacts.

Is this model supported by bitrix24 security model?

Thank you
Hi Jose!

Are you talking about CRM contacts? Please contact one of our partners with your scenario - they will advise most suitable solution for your business. Thank you!


Yes, I'm talking about CRM Contacts.
Could you briefly help me? I don't have partners in my country and I'm doing a factibility test only.
If the factibility test is successful I would be contacting a partner in another country.

Thank you
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