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Removing user who signed up for portal
If we have a person who registered for and was an admin on the portal leave the company how do we dismiss them if there is no dismissal button available on their profile?

Thank You
Hi Tyler,

Unfortunately, you cannot dismiss your Bitrix24 first admin user (1), because your account was registered on his\her email adress & this user's account is connected with the system's main actions scenario.

But if you need to limit access right to your employee who has registered this account, here is what you can do:

1.  In case if there is only one admin in your Bitrix24 portal right now, then this first admin User (1) should give admin access rights to another user - so that any of your employees will also become an Admin User (2).

2. Your Admin User (2) should go to Admin User (1)'s profile, and  change his\her email adress and password.

3.  Your Admin User (2) should go to "IntranetSettings>
"E-mail of the site administrator  (default sender address)"  - and change it for a new admin (2) email adress

4. Please note that the Admin (1) will need to log out after - only after he\she will log out, he\she will loose access to your Bitrix24 portal.

5. Please be attentive when (if) buying a new license - please check if the right email adress is set in the form by default. You can always change it in the payment form.

Kind Regards,

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