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Can I hide the list of employees?, I would like to hide the contact details of the employees
I work with many different clients and projects, and I work with many different freelancers, so I don't want employees (freelancers) to access other employee/freelancers details and contact info, is there anyway I can hide the list of employees and their contact details?
Hi Solange,

Unfortunately, the option of limited access to employees contacts is not available in Bitrix24. I've put this feature suggestion to the development department.

But if you need to limit access to contact info for your freelancers, here is what you can do: you can invite your freelancers to the Extranet group\groups (as extranet users). Please not that the members of one group will see each other's  contacts (no matter if this is an employee or an extranet user). It means you should group your extranet users regarding these access permission rules.

Kind Regards,

Thank you, Yana. I will look a little into the extranet option since I haven't used it yet, maybe it will work. Thanks for your help!! Solange
Hi, is there any update on this feature?
We would like to use Bitrix for our organisation but it is not acceptable that basically any external freelancer can see detailed information about the employees with who he works. Also when there are tens/hundreds of freelancers working together - we need to see their information, but why would any other freelancer in that grou see/download all other's information?
It is quite a security issue :-(

Extranet users see only employees who are part of the same extranet workgroups as they are. Here is the comparison chart between what Intranet & Extranet users can view\have access to.

Kind Regards,

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