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Recruitment and Resume Management
We are evaluating tools to fit our Recruitment and resume management system Found that its listed as a use case for Bitrix - . But could not find the app when started using . Any idea how to enable the app or where to find it ? Please help.
Hi Russel,

These options are available in Bitrix24 self-hosted version - you can find more info & download a trial version here.
Kind Regards,


Would that option be available on the online version ?

Hi Catherine!

Workgroups (Intranet & Extranet) & pools  are available both  in the cloud & self-hosted,  "Interviewing" is performed with the help of "meetings & briefings" module available in Bitrix24 Cloud Professional & self-hosted versions, while "career" module is available in the self-hosted version only.

Kind Regards,

We reviewing your system at the moment , and its seams not really user friendly at the moment.
How to add new Cv to database , is this feature available only for Local versions ?
Now to add vacancy's ? How to create tags , or search filed for each candidate ?
How to search it ? Many questions
We are recruitment company, can we schedule training with any of your representative ?  
Hi Yevgeniy,

Feel free to contact one of our partners, they will be happy to help.


Hi, we are trying to implement the HR features into our existing Bitrix subscriptions, but can't seem to find the online HR modules. Are they still only available for the self-hosted option? The following links make it seem as if the HR modules work online: and

Thanks in advance.
All, YouNetSI ( will release the HR Modules for Advanced Profile, 360 degree Review and Recruitment Module very soon next month. Will keep update at our blog.
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are already using Bitrix24