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Removing an Employee
Edited: NC - 07/22/2014 18:12:17
Hi Neo,

What was your question about? You can dismiss an employee from your Bitrix24 intranet if you wish.

Same question, if I mistakenly created some duplicated users how can I delete them rather than just dismiss them?

Hm.. dismiss is mostly same as delete, the user is "deleted" - so you'll just see him in the dismissed section & that's all... What is your problem with "dismiss"? Maybe, if you could explain a bit more, please.

Dismiss did not work for me...tried to start over and it stated user already existed. You really need a "delete" option
Yes Timothy I see the point of this discussion, the thing is that if you dismiss someone - this employee stays in Employees>Inactive users section, so if you want to take back that person you need not to invite him again, but click on this inactive users & choose "hire". This scenario allow not to loose important data - as employees are hired & dismissed. but all their work stays - files, tasks, etc - that can be accessed from this section.

I see that "delete" is becoming a popular request in this discussion, that is why I welcome your scenarios &\or argumentation for this feature - how should it function & in which cases. Thank you.

I also see where your coming fr om...

Perhaps you can have a option to completely delete a employee with a warning statement that are you sure you wish to delete the employee and all their history. That gives the administrator a way to back out, in case they selected the wrong action.

I would also recommend a option to "inactive" the employee, in order to retain the history. Similar to how you are currently using "dismiss" - the word dismiss does not apply on how one works with employees in my opinion.

In my case I need to start over on a new employee with no history. That is wh ere the delete function would be functional for me.
Thanks for the detailed explanation Timothy, it really helps :-)

So a year have passed and yet this option doesn't exist. That means a lot and it's a shame :(  
Edited: Keep Olim - 08/22/2015 23:47:36
Hi Keep!

I you have mistakenly created an employee & this user hasn't accepted the invite yet - you can delete him\her. Please note the possible issues


Thank you, I know that. I need to erase a test user which already received the invitation and have no use in the system, yet his name shows up everywhere as an option for tags and searches even though he's considered "garbage"
Ok, I see - we'll take it as a suggestion for an option in this case. Thanks.


I need to invite a person to be an user of bitrix24 but the system told me that this is not possibile 'cause

'it will exceed your license terms.''

I have lot of user 'dismiss' but it does't work.

How I can do?
Hi Daniele!

You can check the amount of current active users in Company>Employees

Free plan - 12 users
Bitrix24 Plus - 24 users


how do i attache a photo as an admin of the site to individual users
Hi Paul,

Each user should upload a photo inside own account.


Yes, we absolutely need to be able to delete users from the user interface for many important reasons. From a database engineering perspective, there's no technical difficulty in providing this functionality; so I'm not sure why Bitrix is so resistant to this feature request. (It seems like Bitrix wants to make it as difficult as possible to remove users from their system for strategic reasons, not for technical reasons.)

Regarding the "data integrity" excuse: Preserving the integrity of a deleted user's posts and records is very easy. The data doesn't need to be deleted at all. To preserve data integrity, after a user is deleted, the underlying data objects that were associated to that user should be automatically assigned to a generic "System User" so that they retain their positions in all the various activity streams, etc. Then at the Admin's discretion, the Admin can use all the existing tools to assign that System User's records to any other real user at any time. If you want to preserve some kind of audit functionality and associate old records with their original user names, then a simple user <-> data object mapping table can be created, but that auditing data should be restricted to the Admin interface only.

Respectfully, please allow us to delete users. There is no rational or technical reason to force us to display all these ugly "Inactive" users to everybody in our organization. That's ridiculous. Please fix this as soon as possible.
In fact, here is the simplest solution:

Simply remove the "Inactive" users button from the non-Admin user interface so that only the Admin can see the Inactive users table. Why on earth do non-Admin users need to even see the entire "Inactive" users list? It's OK if other users occasionally see the inactive user names in their proper context (i.e., attached to their data objects, posts, messages, leads, etc.) because all those data objects can be re-assigned or deleted by the users as necessary. But displaying an entire long list of "Inactive" users to every single employee throughout an organization is not necessary, it looks unprofessional, and can be extremely embarrassing from an organizational management perspective, especially if an employee was dismissed in controversial or stressful circumstances.

Why is it embarrassing? Because the Inactive users become a constant reminder to EVERYBODY in the company about all the negative circumstances, negative energy, and painful experiences associated to the termination of those past employees. This dynamic makes senior executives not want to use Bitrix at all for many strategic, HR, and corporate morale reasons.
Thanks for the feedback & argumentation, we'll take that into account.


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