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Editing or Creating Users, Is it better to create generic users to avoid passing the 12 user limit on Free Edition?
Hi, Love your product it's fabulous!

I am wanting to set up a free user version at the moment for our school. They have never had any type of CRM they are going to love this!

I am just wondering with the 12 user limit is that 12 active users, or 12 in total since the creation of the account.
Over a period of time it is likely people will leave/move on and I need to be able to tell the school if at some point in the future we may need to move to a paid version because of the attrition of volunteers. If so they may well want to open separate accounts for separate functions.

Many thanks!
Hi Helen,

Thanks for your warm words! :-) We count 12 active users, so if you've dismissed somebody - you can invite a new user, it will be OK. Also we offer a possibility for free accounts to buy additional 12 users for 25$ per month (12+12=24). Also you may be interested in Bitrix24.Network possibilities (it's free)  - read more about it here.
Our paid plans also offer to invite extranet users to your intranet (with limited access to your internal data) - you can read more about it here.

Also we offer 15% discount for schools . (free for accredited business schools)

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