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Bitrix24 Desktop Application can't see Contacts and Menus
When I open my Bitrix24 application the interface was jumbled and can't see my contacts and menus on the interface please help I need this so that I can able to contact my colleagues thank you.:)
Hi Robert,

Please contact ourHelp Desk asap. Thank you!

I already sent my concern to help desk but no reply
Thanks, our team will assist asap (please provide as many details as possible - your system version, desktop version, etc)

OS: Windows Vista Business 32bit
System Model: Compaq 510
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5870
RAM: 2Gb
Display: Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family
Storage: 220Gb
I mean in the ticket :-) Thanks!
Also experiencing the same error on multiple windows computers. I also already created a support ticket on the subject.
Seems to be an issue where the text entry box is not dynamic to the size of the window anymore so it drags the whole window down to where the message that is being typed. I'm assuming the message entry box is supposed to dynamically stay constrained to the bottom of the window and not go further...
Hi Scott,

Thanks for submittimg the ticket - our support staff will assist asap. (if you'll notice any other details - you're welcome to share via the ticket) Tank you.

One of my employees seems disconnected from the group when logging in.  He is not able to see the full dash board, contacts, etc.  He is using the correct intranet link, user and password.  I checked his settings on my end as the administrator and everything looks fine.  I even logged in as him and was able to verify that he is logging in correctly. This is what he sees instead of the main dash board:

I also noticed that when I click on profile the network link does not show our company's name (see below):

This seems to be the case on both desktop and mobile app. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!  

The interface you're observing is Bitrix24.Network & the link to the profile is correct because this is the link to the common Network for all Bitrix24 users. Please check if there is a name of your portal under My Bitrix24 right top tab - if it is there - please click on it & you will be redirected to your portal's page, but if there is only "Create Bitrix24" option - this means your employee is not linked to your portal yet.

Here is what you need to do if the users is not linked:
 - first make sure you've invited him to the portal (please note -the fact that he is registred to does not mean he should be inside your portal's users, you need to invite him as admin  here your portal>company>employees>invite>his email address)
- after the invitation is sent, the user must confirm it fr om (the screenshot you've applied above). Please note - if the user has registered himself at via social services - he won't see your invitation because you're sending it to his email address; in this case add email address to his profile in his Network page)

Finally, if all the above mentioned won't help & you are sure you've performed the steps right - but the user is not linked to your portal, please contact our Help Desk with this user's email address & description that you've checked all that is described above.

Thank you.

P.S. If some of my instruction are not clear to you - please advise wh ere exactly you're stuck or apply a screenshot, I'll be happy to assist.

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