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Bitrix24 on iPad Tablets
We are evaluating Bitrix24 as a corporate portal.   Our firm does not use PCs, only IOS iPad tablets. We are disappointed with the IOS Bitrix24 app. It is buggy and crashes constantly. It seems to lack many of the features of the PC version. In particular, there is no way to upload files into the drive. All of our file archives are in OneDrive and Google Drive. We haven't found any way to access files in these repositories to move them to Bitrix24. We would like to know if there is any plan to release an improved version of the IOS App.
Hi Jose-Adolfo,

We have plans for Bitrix24 Mobile app improvement for sure, but I can't say it will be upgraded to the web version functionality & that the update will be in short-term period.  Frankly speaking companies use web version as their primary tool in most cases & app comes as a complimentary tool. But we understand the mobile apps market tendencies & will be working on the apps improvement as well.

Kind Regards,

Hello- I am having issues using the iPad and IOS Mobile app online, yet the website says this is a feature. Could you confirm that this is included with the free subscription? Thanks!
Hi Laura!

Bitrix24 Mobile app is available for all Bitrix24 plans (including free). If you are facing any particular problem - please send the automatic report - if the app suggests that, if not - please report the problem to the Helpdesk.

Just in case your question was about something different  - please advise. Thank you.


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