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Mobile App not working correctly, Certain aspects of mobile app not working
I'm using the app on Iphone 4S and my colleague is using it on Iphone6 and we are both experiencing the same issues.  When we click into a
client we are unable to add a message.  Both the first and third buttons below the green call button are not clickable?

Also when i click on 'my activities' under CRM it brings up all activities (but not the full list it looks like it is loading but
nothing happens) and also they are not in date order.  Clicking on the  tab 'All activities' or the icon ^ does not give me an option to filter, so i can just see my activities.

Also when i click on companies i can only access companies that appear on my screen.  I am unable to filter, search or manually find the company because when i try to move down it looks like it is loading, which is the same thing that's happening with 'my activities'
Hi John!

Please report this to our Helpdesk. Thank you.

Hi Yana,

I did over a week ago and I still have not received a response.  Can you look into this for me please - ID 46363?
I have a similair problem - any easy fix?
Hi John & Werner!

We are aware of the problem with Mobile CRM now, the fix will be available soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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