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Desktop App: More than Chat?
I am looking through the Bitrix24 apps for Desktop use. I notice that the desktop app(for Windows) only acts as a messenger. It does not appear to support the functions for tasks, calendars, drive or anything related to the workload/scheduling between company members. I realize that, this is likely so, because if you are on a Desktop computer than you may as well just use the browser to access that portion. However, I was wondering if there was another app coming out that might serve more of the project management purposes for those on a desktop, leaving a helpful desktop app for it (vs just going in through the Bitrix website in a browser).
Hi Mary!

Not sure about that, we are online service, but will consider this direction as well.


Thanks so much.  Im really sold on the amount of functionality that Bitrix24 offers, even for those who are using the free service. Just gotta see if "access via browser" is preferable to the rest of my crew.   Our current way of syncing tasks and calendars is a bit antiquated but at least it gives workers access via a desktop application.  
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are already using Bitrix24