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Need to be able to tap Contacts address and have it open a map application
The CRM portion of Bitrix24 would be a thousand percent more useful for us if we could access maps from the mobile application. A simple link that opened in Google Maps and searched for the address. This one simple feature would enable us to use the CRM feature and get rid of Google Contacts, which we have to use in addition to everything else, just so drivers can get directions. So, is this possible, and if so, is it feasible and might it actually happen?

This is a pretty urgent need. We are currently running 3 separate client lists -- the one from our eCommerce, the one for our phone system, and Google. We could consolidate this ALL into Bitrix if only we could get directions with the mobile app. Is there anything I can do to get this feature (are there developers I could hire who could do this type of thing)? I use the cloud version, Standard (paid) edition.

Alternatively, is there a way to make a plugin that automatically sends new contacts to Google contacts (and keeps the lists synced)? We desperately need to make our processes more efficient.

*edit* I apologize for the name, I run in stealth mode on Facebook. My actual name is Karen.  
Edited: AgentDark Bootie - 03/11/2015 21:59:08
 Did you get this function worked out?  I'm evaluating Bitrix right now and this is a need for us too.  

No, we did not. In fact we now use Bitrix for far less than we expected to at first. We pretty much only use it as our company social network and task tracking, beyond that the CRM stuff was just clunky and the file sharing was a total disaster. We ended up just building our own in-house file server to store stuff.

And look how long this message sat there!  

Unfortunately maps integration is not scheduled for the upcoming releases, but we would like to thank you for the good suggestion, as we may come back to it later.


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