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Mobile push notifications not working
I created an account and downloaded the mobile app to my android phone. I created a second test account. The notifications settings in both accounts are set to the default: all "Site and applications" options in "Conversations (Posts in Activity Stream)" are checked. Using the test account I have posted 3 separate messages to the activity stream over the past two days. I did not receive any push notifications of these messages on my phone. My phone's notification settings are correct, and I do receive push notifications on it from another app. How do I get Bitrix24 push notifications on my phone?
Edited: Test Member - 03/23/2015 07:15:40

Please note that push notifications are sent for new chat messages only (other notifications can be viewed only when you open the app)


How do I make a "chat message" that will generate a mobile push notification? I do not see any option for "chat message." Using the test account I posted to Create > Conversation > New Conversation, but did not receive a mobile push notification.
The chat icon is in the right top corner of the app. Chat is the same as Instant Messenger in web version. Push notifications for Activity Stream messages are not sent.


Hi Yana,

Is there any plan in the near future to add push notification for activity stream ?

Thanks. & rgds
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