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Desktop App Download Not Working

I just bought an HP x360 notebook/tablet with Windows 8.1 and have been starting to use Bitrix24. I downloaded it several times and deleted and downloaded the Desktop App version and when I click on it in the start up screen it doesn't do anything. The icon and everything is there but it just stays doing nothing. How can I get this to work or is it not compatible with it?



Please report this to our Helpdesk, they will assist.


Hello Bitrix24 Team,
similar to the above mentioned post, I downloaded the desktop app, logged in from the app, but then it didn't do anything. Nothing opens. I am using the free version and Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3. Normally I use Bitrix24 in a Chrome browser and never have a problem there. A related question is, does the desktop app allow for normal working entries, ie adding tasks, uploading documents etc. or is the functionality limited in any way?
Thanks. Peggy
Hi Peggy,

For the app problem - please go via the Helpdesk. As for the functionality - this the desktop version of instant messenger - with chats, voice & video calls support, notifications and (!) ability to synchronize your local folder (on your computer)  files with your Bitrix24 My drive - how it works: files which you add\edit to special Bitrix24 folder at your computer are automatically synchronized to your Bitrix24 web version - My Drive & backwards.

Tasks module is not presented in the desktop version - only notifications are shown.


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