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High resolution, Desktop app not readable
I am using a 2880 x 1620 resulution.
The desktop app of Bitrix24 is almost not readable.
It is also the only software which is not scaling.

The screenshot is an example how small the tekst is compare to other items on my desktop.
Pictograms are at normal display by the way.

Not sure what will happen if you install this software on a 4K display.
Knipsel.JPG (48.04 Kb)
same here -> Desktop App not usable on a nowadays standard notebook monitor (not readable) and is not scaling on a connected standard Desktop Monitor.
/resizewindow don't help in many cases.

Please solve this!!!

Trying to use the Desktop Application for Windows with a 4k Monitor. 3840x2160 resolution  - cant even log in!
Hi everyone!

I'll pass this info to the desktop app dev team. Thanks for sharing!


Same issue here in 4k Monitor
bitrix.jpg (544.32 Kb)
Thanks Shiju!


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are already using Bitrix24