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Mac app scrolling tools and users up and can't get back down

Please see the attached image. The toolbar and users in the Mac version (latest version -, running on El Capitan (10.11.6) has a problem. It just appears like its been scrolled up. And I can't find any way to scroll it back down. I have to close and restart.

Is this a known problem? Any fix?

bitrix-bug.jpg (26.69 Kb)
I have the same problem as well. I have tried to resize the windows multiple times by dragging the upper side of window and the display back to normal, but the issue come back each time I refocus to bitrix window from other application window.

I am using Bitrix24 Desktop Client Version: in OSX El Capitan 10.11.6.
bitrix24 mac.png (459.52 Kb)

Please kindly report this issue to our Helpdesk. Thank you.


To help others, the reply I got from support is  this (and it works - it doesn't actually send the message but fixed the problem).

Please open chat with any user and send –


You can also run the command ctrl+shift+r .
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