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Mobile Apps & CRM

We've been using Bitrix within our organisation for a good few months now and it's really improved our efficiency as a team, particularly as we all work remotely to each other.

The Android mobile app is handy to keep up to date with what's happening, but it's limitations mean it's not really usable as a productive tool. Here are a few of the bits and bobs that are keeping me fr om using the app as I would like.
  1. Images added to the photos module can't be viewed as full screen, or zoomed in any way - only the thumbnail in the activity stream can be seen
  2. CRM doesn't exist at all - this is massively important to me
Finally, a feature request for the app. An offline sync option would make life easier. For the sake of space on mobile devices, I would suggest this be limited to just activity stream, CRM and other text-only stuff (basically omitting photos and files etc). Adding data can be achieved locally wh ere no data connection is available, then sync'd back to the Bitrix server when a data connection is re-established.

The CRM limitation in the app is the only factor preventing me from upgrading to the paid service. With this included, I would happily pay the $99 per month to increase our data / user allowances.

I'd love to hear thoughts from you guys on these points, especially if it means that you have plans tom implement and of it!


+1 for all of the above!

To be able to use it while for example beeing in flight or outside an area with good mobile connection would be excellent!  
Hello dear clients and thanks for your feedback.

We are going to add CRM functionality to the mobile app this April or so. Viewing photos will be also possible some time soon.
Unfortunately, we aren't ready to release the offline mobile app yet.
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Hi, i think the same. In my country 3g sucks.. If we need to use the app in a road, in place were 3g did not work its  very necesary a offline app. where we can look deals, look contacts,, look agenda! Simple things
Hi Dario!

Thanks for your arguments, got it, we'll consider the possibility.

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